09/15/2010 01:24 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dumbo Is an Elephant

I guess it started with Reagan.

Affable, avuncular, radiating easy optimism. Dense thicket of black hair.

And pretty much a dolt.

Ol' Ronnie set the stage for the wave of irrational neanderthals and walleyed feebs who, able to regurgitate hallowed bygone maxims and ooze five-and-dime patriotism, are gaining favor among the current oxygen-deprived electorate.

For, after a brief step backward to arguably more complex carbohydrates (George H. W. and Bill C., more sophisticated but no less company men), once again the Republicans sought a replay of the Golden Gipper and played the putz card, throwing the callow, quasi-cowboy W. onto the table.

Sure enough, in spite of -- or because of -- his legendary mediocrity in all things (save frat parties, bong hits and doing a mean Gator) the country got Reagan 2.0: more affable, less articulate and even dimmer, if such was possible.

And it was. Gaffe after shrug after gaffe after stammer, the public (prodded by their bully-masters' skill with all things Southern Strategy) supported this obvious and sad boob. Having successfully duped the nation into sanctioning the greatest upper level heist ever seen (or mostly felt), the right wing knew a good thing when it saw it. From W. it was an easy throw of the lanyard into the chalk square in which Sarah Palin, the queen bee of vapidity, hopped on.

So now, with regulation regarded like something needing to be swatted with a newspaper, anyone regardless of experience or common sense, sociopolitically ignorant or downright suspicious of education and openly embracing of precepts that originated in the fecund minds of religious fanatics in the tenth century can run for national office and, gosh darn it, win.

No longer is experience required. Education is for saps and elitists. Dumb = real. Since the level of education in this country is way below that of a large number of other industrialized nations, it only makes sense that the fruits of such an education seek representation which reflects their own tastes. In the case of the Tea Party-backed candidates, one need only look to see that the taste leads back to some pretty rotten fruit (See what I did there?).

The hell of it is, the right knows exactly what it's doing. Their newly energized base couldn't be baser. When the right spent years sowing the seeds of distrust by courting religious radicals and the political fringe, along with purposely breaking the very machinery of government so that it could then blame those who still believed in it, the stage was set for the rise of the ridiculous radical right.

This is of course made possible by the steady diet of Dumb fed to the technology-addicted multitude, to whom "history" is two syllables too long and consuming is the imperative of every patriotic American. Without a clue, how can one ever question?

I guess it's true: Dumbo is indeed an elephant.