06/15/2010 11:38 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Easy To Be Dumb

If we were to measure the Republican party's behavior midway through Obama's term as president, we would conclude two things: dumb and lazy is better than smart and productive.

The party's definition of what it takes to be a good, productive citizen has shifted from disseminating a belief in basic, decent principles like thrift, honesty, humility and walking senior citizens across the street to unfettered profiteering with zero accountability and no consequences for corruption or inadequacy. Unless one fulfills the dream of fame and/or profit regardless of how ill-earned or ill-gotten, one's motives and loyalties are suspect.

From überfrau(d) Sarah Palin to any number of dumb-ol'-boy racist pols (who can't help but belch forth their true colors -- or, rather, true loathing of color) to right wing plant/sub-cretin Alvin Greene (who Republican black ops-ers hope and pray will cling to all things Democrat, like plaque to a redneck's tooth), the values which once actually defined a reasonable, classic conservative approach to living life in the United States have now been subsumed and epitomized by the greedy opportunists whose prime purpose is to perpetuate power and profit (and I proffer that pearl while puking profiteroles). The less efficient one is at governing, why, the better their chances of being a full fledged American success. Hey, Sarah: how's that ka-chingy ka-chingy thing doin'? Just fine, by the looks of it.

As we watch the destruction of the Gulf coast, we are also watching the Reps being conspicuously idle, allowing Obama's plate, already piled way too high with messes from the previous administration, grow even less manageable. And even though it would be in the country's interest to offer support, to extend bipartisan help, will they? Nah. They would prefer an unquenchable eruption of killing krude do their dirty work for them. After all, they have their mint juleps to sip and the return to primacy to contemplate.

With the country transubstantiated into one big Monday Night Football scenario, Spectacle and Sophistry has replaced Sense and Sanity as the party's imperative. To paraphrase the late, great Brother Theodore, the Republican party's moral failure is proving to be its greatest success. In the long run, given the spate of misbegotten wars, failed banking and housing industries, rampant obesity, globally low scholastic ranking, unhinged CEO golden parachutes, fewer and fewer goods manufactured in the U.S. -- all directly backed or indirectly enabled by Republican policies of inaction -- that reality may actually work to their advantage.

The Republican's playbook is spilling over with the most cynical tactics ever devised by the drunken fratboys who comprise their brain trust.

It's almost like they gave up fighting what they used to think was the good fight. They saw how difficult it was to strive for things in a world which suddenly became competitive. The Republicans -- like their avatar Sarah Palin -- just threw up their hands midway and said "Eff it!"

It's much easier being dumb.

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