From the Mouths of Boobs

04/29/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Can't wait to hear what Pat Robertson says about Chile.

Licking my lips in anticipation of the savory bits of wisdom which are sure to flow from the gaping sluice of Rush Limbaugh.

As each challenge pushes the limits of human suffering, challenges both niggling and cataclysmic, we are simultaneously treated to displays of human arrogance on the parts of emotionality stunted, intellectually crippled putzes who think they are above such suffering; that God in His fury is smiting infidels and sinners. Or that the proper amount of money and the right combination of genes, skin tone and upbringing will secure their places on the ark of the rich and the righteous.

What the disaster in Chile is sure to bring about (along with the genuine outpouring of sympathy and aid) is an equally generous dollop of loathsome pronouncements which will certainly emanate somewhere from the Right. You know, the folks who argue against health care, climate change regulation, etc. If a situation suggests charitable help in any way, it is looked upon with the smug sneer of a bewigged aristocrat.

The media is complicit in the prominence of those who disseminate such bilge, of course. For some reason, the folks that control the distribution of noxious "news/commentary" of which I speak are themselves devoid of sympathy and taste, preferring to spill toxins into the airwaves as casually as throwing trash from a moving car.

But the joke, my friends, is that when the shit comes down -- and it surely will -- they will be on their knees begging for aid, willing to bargain away their faux religion and their ersatz patriotism begging for sympathy, matriculated into the rabble they manipulated so callously and reviled so blatantly.

It's become so expected now, when some event occurs which could bond humanity and nations together in shared purpose, or when a teachable moment presents itself, almost beseeching the world to seize the opportunity, that high profile fools will let fly with the bleakest of pronouncements, needlessly hastening what is surely an option in nature's design for humanity, demonstrated only today in Chile: extinction.

Maybe what Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh will say is right. But it will be about the wrong people.