04/06/2011 12:28 pm ET | Updated Jun 06, 2011

Ghost in the Republican Machine

It's fascinating watching the Republican machine work.

It's a machine that is an ideological neutron bomb, obliterating lives but leaving the infrastructure intact to be used after the people are gone.

It is a machine built by interests which loathe the very innocents upon whose backs the war is borne and yet sorely needs to make their dream of a fully corporatized society a soulless, antidemocratic reality.

And the Republicans' actions belie their ignoble intentions; their rhetoric reveals a dark ambition which most Americans -- even those who from their living rooms tow the party line and carry the party water -- would normally reject. Because it would ultimately strip them of their history and their identity as freedom-cherishing, forward-thinking Americans who don't fear change, who embrace diversity, who laud education and decry discrimination. The Republican agenda seems rather to espouse the very things Americans would normally despise.

From the banal dementia of the birthers to the heart-and-soul bait-and-switch slashing of the Ryan budget proposal; from the fluctuating morality of the scripture-spouting firebrands to the blatantly obstructionist tactics of the congressional procedures, the Republican machine has been churning out a thinly disguised disdain for an America in which their myopic ideology has less of a place to find purchase than it ever has, a self-destructive need to break free from the necessary restraints put in place to curb the history of their aberrant leanings.

So, emboldened by shrewdly accrued wealth and command of a strategically coordinated media, they must mask it as something else, something which pushes people's buttons, distracts them, does everything but tell the truth. Because if they did that, they would be rejected outright.

And so the machine is a liar, a fist-waving fraud.

But Truth is the ghost in the machine.

And the Truth haunts.

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