Latest Possibly True Charlie Sheen News!

03/01/2011 06:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

AP: Unprecedented Internet Demand to Replace Sheen with Stamos/Weber

In a move sure to make CBS executives sit up and take notice, a swell of "cyber-citizens" have called upon the Diamond Network to fill the gap left by the Charlie Sheen controversy with not one but TWO actors: Steven Weber and John Stamos.

Early reports indicate that if hired, the actors would in fact play ONE character: a cousin of Sheen's character who are Siamese twins joined at their mutually shared "taint."

CBS has so far officially denied the story; however, unnamed network sources have indicated that it is indeed a direction they and the show's creator Chuck Lorre might be interested in pursuing. "There's a demographic out there that likes that stuff," says the source.

Weber, best known for Wings and Studio 60 and the much more famous Stamos are actually good friends in real life and have no compunction about sharing a role and/or a taint.

Also, all of the above is purportedly based on a series of unsubstantiated rumors supposedly started by an unnamed source who may or may nor have access to The Huffington Post's backstage blogging area.

And also, what you just red may not even have been written by him. Did I say "him"? I meant "whomever".

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