09/14/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Let 'Em Have It

Aw, just give it to 'em.

It would be great if that sentiment referred to some medicine prescribed for criminals who seek nothing other than to secure a society in their own narcissistic image, one that reflects the basest, most backward thought; an isolationist nation crippled by self-destructive tendencies. It would be great if such a cure would bring them peace and coax them into constructive co-existence with the rest of the thinking world (and one which, under a single payer health plan would be available and affordable). Easy: just give it to 'em.

And while "criminal" certainly describes the group of corporate seditionists and traitors who are derailing the current attempt to redress America's ills through bullying and brazen manipulation of vulnerable hearts and minds, I mean:

Let them have their country.

They've poisoned the wells and laid waste to the landscape, fouled the air with their toxic ideology and they are sure to continue their terror. It might actually be too late to rehab these living dead, these right-wing patsies who think they are angry patriots but who are actually sad dupes.

Too lizard brained to realize they are being manipulated like the cheapest sock puppets, they march and snarl at every opportunity at moving the country forward, throwing themselves like suicide bombers in front of genuine attempts to lift the dialogue up from the dregs of racism and xenophobia. They talk about god and country and rights and then behave in direct contrast to the talking points they have learned by rote rather than by deed. And they are as bad as we think they are.

And you are going to tell me that they (and their venal ventriloquists) are righteous and fed up and exercising their rights as Americans?

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, BULLSHIT!

(He didn't really say that. Hell, he had some book learnin'. He probably would have eloquently and passionately girded the country for a fight with hope and prayers and sense, a fight where its very life was at at stake. Oh, wait. He already did that.)

But has anyone ever thought of just giving them what they want, actually letting them secede, letting them govern it the way they want and then watch from a safe distance as they quickly reach critical mass, go white-hot and then detonate, leaving a greasy char where they once foamed and segregated and ate themselves to obesity and desecrated their land and water and taught their children to hate science and fear sense and... oh, the hell with it. The world could save itself the trouble of having to constantly swat away these horseflies and take up some serious business.

Eventually, the numb-skulled infantry, the apologists for the corporations will realize, once they feel the cold against their skin, the burning in their nostrils and the hunger in their hearts, that the ones they trusted had wrung their faith dry, and discarded them to the filthy winds which now blow across their strip-mall choked land.

And while they do what they are hell-bent on doing, we could all travel abroad and take in the sites and sounds of our neighbors in other lands, learning, sharing, experiencing things outside our bubbles.

Those that don't want to come, who prefer their kooky, white-man wet-dream pre-fab apocalypses to the reality of their world where resources are drying up, where division and disenfranchisement are still rampant, where hunger and homelessness still plague the innocent and who ignore it where progress extends its hand to the world's citizens who only have to grasp it, they are free to stay and consume themselves into -- hopefully -- oblivion.

I say give it to 'em.