05/29/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Middle Matters

Simply looking one sees the answer.

It's everywhere.

It's everything.

From see-saws to scales to foreign and domestic policies to sociopolitical philosophies.

No need to spin and twist the reality to fit a terrified ideology's desperate subjectiveness; no need to frantically search in frustrated adulthood for what was so obviously absent in vulnerable youth. Resorting to measures that are extreme in nature and possessed of an often jolting dynamic can be useful at times but not when it becomes the de facto response of a dying elephant, it's legendary heartiness finally betrayed by the toxic bile coursing through its veins for decades.

The answer is Balance. And it can be found in the middle.

Keeping a middle perspective allows the widest range of possibilities, the widest appreciation of all points of view and strategies. It offers a chance for true stability in an unstable world and it doesn't automatically exclude even the outrageous or the radical which reside where they belong: on the periphery. Because as we've seen too clearly for too long, when extremists are at the wheel, the car drives in tight, ever contracting circles. The time for experiments in boisterous ideologies is over.

Arlen Specter's move to what is ostensibly the middle, while welcome, may be motivated by purely political interests and will certainly be loudly derided by the shrill dead-enders who make up the shrinking but still pulsing hemorrhoid that is the Right Wing Media. But whatever his reason it is, at the end of the day and the beginning of an era, the smart move and will go a long way toward restoring the imbalance which has only just begun to be redressed. It is a signal for the wiser, though thoroughly cowed Republican moderates to begin their own ideological exodus toward a sensible middle ground.

Again, simply looking one sees the answer. It's everywhere and everything. For even on our deathbed one is irrestibly drawn into the basic truth defining our existence and of the universe itself: balance.

Declare your allegience to truth. March middleward.