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"Money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money" -- Kander and Ebb (Cabaret)

You'd think it's all about money, wouldn't ya? But you'd be wrong.

It's the facts, stupid!
It's the substance, stupid!
It's the truth, stupid!

Despite the rapid rise of Der Super Pacs, the 24/7 spew from the pundit putzery and the thoroughly bored billionaire Geppettos making their pinheaded Pinocchios dance long after the music has died, will the infusion of all that money really --REALLY-- distract the awakening public from the increasingly outrageous and desperate shenanigans emanating from the right-wing corporate GOPhuckyourselves?

After years of failed trickle-down approach to everything from economics to morality, the right's previously proven pudding has besmirched everyone's bibs, laps and plastic covered couches to the point where even true believers are getting sick of the mess.

But don't tell the money gushers that.

Oh, everyone knows they hate the masses and look upon them as easily swayed chattel. And hell, that's proven to be the case. There are and will always be slavishly compliant folks who trust the obscenely monied regardless of the mayhem they sometimes wreak.

But one cannot handle toxic materials for long without it leeching into their own marrow and they are now feeling the effects. Their actions belie their boasts as they leap-frog from one faux issue to the next, down roads we've all been before. It's as if they have become so distanced from the reality their decade of disastrous dominance has created, they can't even remember history: even slaves revolt; that despite dumbing down the public, making them dependent on planned obsolescence, wresting humility, mercy and common sense from them through relentless distraction and fear, they are glassy-eyed with their latest hoarding of wealth, like cartoon Croesuses, and can't feel the rumblings beneath their feet. Or, they're just ignoring them.

A day doesn't pass when someone from the organized right (let alone the anonymous individual cyber-berserkers) says or does something so patently offensive that it's a miracle any real conservative still in possession of sanity and sense -- and they are out there! -- doesn't just move to another country altogether. The right-wing characteristic of unflinching fealty no longer serves the party or the country and the tragic results are clearly to be seen. There simply is no amount of expensive lipstick that will pretty up that pig of a corrupted ideology anymore.

Money does make the world go 'round. But without a country full of healthy, educated, secure, united, hopeful people to make it, save it and spend it wisely, then really, what the hell good is it?