04/13/2012 04:45 pm ET Updated Jun 13, 2012

Night of the Living GOP

There's a scene in the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead where one of the t-shirt-clad, gun-toting survivors has reached her saturation point re the mindless, reanimated, flesh-consuming corpses and finds herself walking among them, quite easily dodging their clumsy swipes and gnashes.

And all she can do is laugh sardonically and issue a mocking, frustrated "Oh my god!" at the tenacity of these shambling dumb-bombs that are the adorable Living Dead.

That's an apt description of what the rest of the thinking world does when encountering yet another of the right-wing/GOP's umpteenth attacks on democracy.

Every hour of every day -- especially since the election of a certain black president -- the right has tramped about the landscape taking bloody bites out of the culture like George Romero's zombies, shuffling and grunting and otherwise wreaking dumbass havoc. Since substance seems to be lacking from their regularly refuted arguments in regards to the economy, foreign policy, social legislation, etc. they seek instead to overwhelm through the sheer, relentless pursuit of anyone not them (i.e., the living) and use as much trumped-up fear and as little intellect as possible.

While it's clearly lamentable that the American public has allowed itself to be manipulated so, it's also a tribute to Roger Ailes and his masterful ability to convince once productive citizens to become self-destructive slaves, fearing what he tells them to fear, hating what he tells them to hate. In a way, we've all become zombies in his production, forced to play parts we wouldn't ordinarily play.

With paranoia replacing sense, with consumerism replacing civic responsibility, with obstruction replacing the legislative process, the world has become a low-budget horror show constructed to exact maximum pain for maximum profit.

At the end of NOTLD, amidst the apocalyptic imagery, there exists perhaps a glimmer of hope. Though humanity has taken a severe hit, it may still triumph once the virus has bred -- or dead -- itself out. Similarly, in America today the hope is that those in possession of their senses will have as much tenacity as those who have jettisoned theirs. When what has already died is hell-bent on consuming what is still alive, the only outcome is extinction.

It's no surprise, therefore, that the thing right-wing GOP zombies subsist on is the very thing that would give them back their lives: brains.

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