Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends...

03/19/2008 01:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's becoming more crystalline every day that a stirring of the soul yields more than a heart full of fear.

Barack Obama's abilities as a leader are gleamingly apparent as his wisdom, eloquence and brilliance stand in stunning contrast to the deadening vacuum of the Bush years and their litany of stale, stultifying bombast.

As the world watches him evade his opponent's jibes with the adroitness of a character out of romantic fiction, it is enthralled by his real-life talents. He is more and more exemplifying all that history's told us a leader should possess. If Henry V hadn't been able to rely on his charisma and his ability to articulate the hopes and dreams of a people, England would be speaking French today. He has ably weathered everything thrown at him.

You can even feel the beginnings of respect germinating in places formerly barren from decades of retrograde rhetoric spewed from fear mongering demagogues whose sole reason for being seems to be the deterrence of hope, the halting of action, the deriding of dreams. Obama is an incongruity, wished for but rarely seen, compelling but distrusted by the senses. Real inspiration has been dead for so long on the American scene that half-assed darlings and penny-ante celebrities with the density of meringue have been to hoisted to heroic levels only to be subsequently proven inadequate to the charge, so desperate is America's need for a truly viable, truly courageous and truly substantial leader.

Would Barack Obama be any different as our 44th president, responding to domestic and international crises with just as much grace, power and erudition as he has already shown? Not likely.

Will the naysayers continue to deride him for whatever reasons their rusted perspectives can scrape together, cobbling together a distress and contempt-laden syllabus that would wither the usual assortment of politicians and tinplated statesmen? Of course.

And Obama will deal with that, too. And admirably. And our dreams of America will be reborn.

Just believe what you are hearing and seeing. And know what you are feeling. It's been so long.