11/18/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

One May Smile and Smile...

In what is clearly the penultimate phase of operations, the McCain campaign (with Commander Rove issuing a steady flow of marching orders) has fully unleashed their elite unit of grinning Stepford MILFs into the mainstream media and thus straight in through the open pie-holes of the country's most pliable demographic -- low-brow white men and their skeered wimmin folk -- in order to take one more stab at turning things around. First, Sarah "Moosie Galore" Palin whetted troglodyte appetites with her "everywoman" syntax and senseless sensibilities and now a certain congresswoman -- this Michelle Bachmann -- was in Democracy-Turner-Overdrive when she reared her crystalline, Aryan eyes and dead "this won't hurt a bit" smile on "Hardball" last night, spewing the kind of fear-bile that, had Rod Serling written it, would have been ridiculed for being too heavy handed. But hey: heavy is the hand of oppression. Like, you know?

But this Twilight Zone is called America and the cynical Democracidal maniacs who call themselves Republicans are waging the warfare of the cornered, the exposed, the desperate. And that means the most dangerous. We're passed the parsing, passed the punditry. The time has come to confront the McCain campaign -- what was only really ever a surrogate for the shuddering right wing neo-conservatism that has posted its "Going Out of Business: Everything Must GO!" banner out in front of the White House -- and finally halt it before it takes the final step: a big, good old fashioned suicide bombing which takes down as many folks with them as possible.

In this latest spine-tingling issue of the Huffington Post, Chris Kelly (a true American patriot) posits an October Surprise Flat Tax as the switchblade Big Mac whips out when cornered in the alley. I think that's too tame. Just look and listen and one can gauge the trajectory of events. Taxes? Even that's not sticking. Ayers? Who? Huh? McCain and Company have pulled out the black attache case and opened it up to reveal the red button inside. They're at DefCon Two, my friends. And all that remains is for them to release robo-viral footage of Barack Obama ravaging Sarah Palin, her clothes strategically torn, while Todd (wearing a beer-helmet) lies nearby, bleeding and unconscious. Finally, the real terror Republicans have been warning us about is exposed: Mandingo Rising.

Yeah. Bad as that. Disservice to Democracy, disservice to America, disservice to humanity, disservice with a smile. Thanks, Mavericks.