03/08/2007 05:36 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Operation Ignoramus

Your mission: double bolt the doors, throw obstacles in front of all who seek information, throw up an impenetrable propaganda screen and encourage the nation to get plastic sheeting and duct tape to cover their they feel safe. As you know from your dossier, the average American is just a proud but simple brute that needs to be protected from Evil Doers, mollified by fruity-sweet bromides and rendered passive and ineffectual by twirling as many shiny objects in front of it as possible. If that is accomplished we can operate freely. Welcome to Operation Ignoramus.

Bush's 2001 executive order restricting the release of presidential records indefinitely was one of his early acts as president* (*see below). Why doesn't the current administration release historical documents pertaining to recent American international and domestic policies that have pertinent historical and educational significance? Because it's engaged in Operation Ignoramus.

The discouragement of Americans to actively search, participate, investigate, question and just be plain curious about what their government is up to has been an ongoing mission of those who have embraced the most cynical side of human nature in order to ensure and maintain their grip on Power. Clearly, one of Operation Ignoramus's objectives consists of constructing a pseudo-reality in order to occupy the attention of the Masses roiling beneath them while the Overlords (who have scrupulously studied the very history they themselves deny the people access to) enjoy the spoils of the Mass' blind consumption and their disinclination to flex the muscles they have forgotten they posses. A simulacrum of democracy has been allowed to take root in the people's consciousness with nary a twitch of suspicion, their increasingly lowered expectations having consistently been met by gossamer shadows of the real thing, giving them the illusion of autonomous participation. Like a Las Vegas casino which uses a motif of scaled down representations of historically significant structures to lure the psychologically, emotionally and spiritually obese to its slot machines, Operation Ignoramus seeks to control history itself so that the product it yields is something, let's say, short of enlightenment. Because when you bury the past you damn the future. And that's the mission.

Now get out there and repeat the mantra: "Keep Them Stupid, Stupid!"

(*He wasn't really elected. We allowed him to be appointed by a partisan court. But that's of minor importance so why bring it up?)