03/31/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

See It Now

Look at our president at he GOP conference.

See for yourself. Free from the spin and the partisan rhetoric. Do you see what I see?

I don't know about you, but I see a president who has the know-how, the intellectual capacity, the guts to speak to his disloyal opponents face to face, to demonstrate to them and to the American people his real ability to lead this nation to a place where its strength and moral authority is reinvigorated.

I see a president who doesn't need to spin, to lie, to heartlessly oppose for opposition's sake.

I see a president who exemplifies American ideals but who is distracted by a round the clock assault launched by those who would scuttle the very country they profess to represent and who in fact hate the man for reasons which speak to the very core of their disloyalty.

I see a president who represents this country's best hope.

And I see a Republican party which is bitterly dedicated to his utter and complete defeat and which, by extension, is therefore dedicated to the utter and complete defeat of this country and all its citizens who still believe in the democratic ideal.

Can anyone -- ANYONE -- imagine ever seeing George W. Bush doing what Barack Obama is doing? Can anyone -- ANYONE -- remember what this country used to mean, what it used to stand for and what it actually fought for?

The Obama presidency has brought this country to a crossroads, a point in its psychological and social development it has never had to face. The masks of those formerly smug obstructionists in their pressed suits and Old Glory lapel pins have fallen away, their motives exposed.

You see it in their twisted smirks or in their regimented silence. You hear it in their disingenuous, misleading comments. You know it in their utter disregard for the democratic process.

Look at what is happening. Do you see what I see?