04/24/2012 01:33 pm ET | Updated Jun 23, 2012

The Denial of Democracy

To deny this duly elected president his right to govern.

To deny The People their right to a functioning government.

To deny and derail facts in favor of partisan spin.

To deny the poor, the sick, the disenfranchised a chance to regain their footing.

To deny science and embrace superstition.

To deny progress.

To deny peace.

This is your GOP at work. And this is what it's labored to accomplish in the last few years of open warfare against the sitting president of the United States and the majority of citizens who helped put him there.

As bold an act of betrayal as anything in this country's history, the smug assertion of power-by-obstruction has only consigned the corporate-run GOP and its media apparatchiks a place alongside Joe McCarthy. This is not your father's or grandfather's GOP, when opposition was loyal and the welfare of the country was a uniting issue.

And we, the American people, have for too long been played for fools by these corrupt men and women who have discarded all they were taught about right and wrong, about fairness, about democracy, about humility, about mercy. Hiding behind the flag and brandishing dubious credentials, these folks are poised to steal what's good about America from under our very noses, through distraction and division.

And now that Mitt Romney--arguably the most blatant opportunist in the history of modern presidential candidates---is bizarrely anointed in yet another eyeroll-inducing fait accompli, the denial of Democracy is transpiring just as the media masters have intended. Our political system has been bought and processed like chickens in a poultry factory, and like those chickens it is being led down paths that end in slaughter, the walls splattered with civility and courage and wisdom, leaving only the anonymous packages of meat. An apt metaphor for the corporate conversion of citizen-to-consumer-to-consumed.

And if the GOP is so certain of its characterizations of Obama, so certain that every one of his policies (and by extension the policies of Ronald Reagan and other Republicans, but that's another rant for another time) will bring about total ruin, then why do they labor so mightily to stop him when by merely letting him run his course they would have their assertions proved? They deny even themselves.

Though they'd deny it.