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The Piggyback Virus

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By piggybacking an already-in-place infrastructure (say, the innate, normal frustration with the political process) the right wing has once again impressed itself as the preeminent virus of all angry ideologies: by warping people's essential decency with relentless doses of fear and misdirection they are using the amped up/trumped up mob to further their own agenda:


That's it, leute! How do I know? Well, how do I know that cow shit would stain my teeth and chin even without sitting down to a steaming portion of it and shoveling sporkful after sporkful into my mouth?

Having lost and lost big (that Black Man in their White House, for glaring instance), the rippling vibrations from highly compressed vitriol has caused their already spider-veined facades to calve in large hunks, falling to the ground and revealing the seething outrage beneath.

And the idea of building anything other than plaque around a heart is anathema to this parasitical creature, which would prefer to watch the masses labor under its venal lash while they sit back and weave their tales of terror and sip their crude (shades of the golden days before the Northern invasion).

Indeed, they've piggybacked America's innate tribal instincts to fear, fight or flee, setting a match to any and all progress borne from the eloquent and herculean efforts made by the Founders to raise humanity from the brutality which too often marked its existence.

They piggyback America's innate puritanism and demonize sexuality.
They piggyback America's innate xenophobia and pillory foreigners.
They piggyback America's innate patriotism and eroticize war.
They piggyback America's ubiquitous media infrastructure and highjack information.

They are, to retool an epithet made famous by that most unlikely yet utterly courageous hero of freedom Howard Stern, a Piggyback Virus.

And yet, in spite of or directly because of the glaring presence of that awful, flaring virus, counteraction is spurred: in expanding consciousnesses all over the country and the world, there is a defense being formulated. People are fighting back against the cant and rhetoric, armed with facts and irrefutable testimony, showing that a profit can be made just as easily from truth as with terror.

And viruses can be cured.

Now that's health care, for you.