03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Shiny Storefront on a Hill

While the Republicans have proven themselves to be an effective combination of arrogance, cowardice, ignorance and greed, a zealous tribe which adheres to arcane mythology, eschews moral responsibility and worships at the foot of the petrodollar, it is that golem of capitalism -- the corporation -- which seeks to strip everything we know to be right and true, wring it out, reconfigure it to fit its ignoble and insatiable needs and replant it in the porous American psyche.

Think about it: where, other than in prewar Germany or fictional dystopias does one find such extensive and complex corruption? The hardware might not be nearly as sexy as in effects-heavy movies. But the genius of the corrupted capitalist animal predator in its patience, trusting that the infrastructure which was already in place would be the perfect delivery system for the new marching orders.

Like Pope Ronnie's trickle down economy, where the wealth only trickled down as far as the sitting room adjacent to the wine cellar, the current incarnation of capitalism seems only to benefit the front row benefactors while the infantry does the dirty work and gets the scraps.

As communism was corrupted by people who never intended to share the spoils of ecumenical labor, so capitalism has become a means for greedy profiteers to bilk the country not only of its funds but of its essential decency.

As if that weren't enough, all the colorful language, all the "grassroots" demonstrators, all the division makes the country, ever distracted, as ripe a target for terrorism domestic or otherwise as there has ever been. And baby, the purveyors of that distraction and division will have the blood of a butchered democracy on their greedy hands.

So just what is wrong with the things we always depended on to lead a healthy existence in our democratic society? For instance, anything wrong with thrift? Anything wrong with accountability? Anything wrong with taking care of the sick? The elderly? The less fortunate? Anything wring with education? Public service? Humility? Peace?

Here's what's wrong: they're right. And money, as Shaw said, is not made in the light.