We Are In Danger

11/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

History and the wisdom it dispenses is a bulwark against tyranny. But presently, the knowing distraction from knowledge and history is preventing the wisdom they produce from being dispensed and thus we continue our march backward, almost like a ball having reached its apogee descending back through the same air in which it once it so splendidly rose.

We are on the verge of a civil war between the states of conscience, between the darker parts of our nature and the higher ones we claim to aspire to. And while it may be true that the most virulent hate is in the relative minority, like a cancer, all that is required to swamp the host is a small seed. And without history, without humility, without ponderation, we become nothing but (with apologies to John Steinbeck) hate covered with skin.

The McCain campaign is exploiting this dead-end pursuit in its vainglorious quest for power and even as quests for power go this one cannot succeed beyond its goal of winning because it has to devour itself to live. Like the fatally fixated Republican strategists have so clearly demonstrated, they are adept at winning but dismal at governing. And after years of unheeded and regularly derided prognostications about the colossal failures of the Bush administration's activities -- all of which have turned out to be true -- it would be a mistake to ignore what our primal senses are telling us now, indeed screaming out:

We are in real danger.

When the signs are unmistakable in the form of a now global economic crisis, the looming potential of further exploitation in the name of bald power acquisitions that imperil our energy, our food, our environment, our health, our souls, all brought on by the calculated missteps of the bullying Bush administration, why should we be surprised to see eruptions of similar but scaled down depravity in the form of reckless hate mongering courtesy of the mad Contessa Palin and the man who makes a mockery of heroism, John McCain? When crowds are stirred up with an eye toward political and social havoc, you have what the Nazis did only half as well as how Karl Rove does it now. He's learned well from history and knows that when evil is backed into a corner victory can only be achieved with blood and dishonor. And we know where that leads. Not only are we all in danger; it is the man who we hope to lead us who is in danger. Yes.

And so we must not be cavalier as we watch it all happening again. There are no more sidelines, no more buffers. We are seeing how capably evil can be discharged and feeling its toxic effects. And we know what could come next. We fear it but we know it. And we must therefore stir the consciences and the actions of all those who wish to preserve, protect and defend America from the cancer amassing, indeed being cultivated by ideological dead-enders and their lost legion of followers.

Or, as history has shown many times, it is over.