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Conan O'Brien Wears 'Jeggings' to Break in His New Show

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By Emili Vesilind, Style Section L.A.

Just when we thought Conan O'Brien's wicked humor may have been neutered by the stiff celebrity showcase that is The Tonight Show, the flame-haired host goes and dons jeggings -- yes, those scary leggings with drawn-on jeans pockets and seams -- for last night's episode of the new Conan show.

Why? Because the night before Tim Gunn had been a guest and convinced him to give them a try. So Coco came out for his monologue in break-away suit pants and ripped them off, shouting, "When I say I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do it!"

He then spent the rest of the monologue prancing around foolishly -- much to our delight.

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