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At Home With Shoe Blogger Jane Aldrige And Her Mom Judy (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Every so often, a star rises out of nowhere based on merit alone. In this case, it is Jane Aldridge. Her appreciation for beauty and how it speaks without words shines like a meteor on her blog Sea of Shoes. This is especially true in a world with shopping malls and the Kardashians, where intellect and fashion do not often mix. Keep reading below. This was originally posted on

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When you meet Jane's mother Judy, it is no surprise that her daughter has a superstar's eye for taste and quality. Jane has inherited Judy's passion for the art of dressing and for the immense joy of hunting for that singular vintage find. For example, Judy's '60's Givenchy studded mini dress that she wears over jeans and Jane's Yves Saint Laurent belted '70's one with balloon sleeves are among some of their favorite prizes. However, Jane has fallen head over heals for Judy's motto, "shoes are the only thing that you can't compromise on." Jane has fond memories of her toddler years, walking around in her mom's '90s Fendi slides and houndstooth, pony-haired Pradas. According to Jane, this was, "around the time that 102 Dalmatians came out and I wanted to be Cruella de Ville." Jane can also make any flea market find look like the newest Miu Miu, like the red bandana she found recently in Tulsa, but only when paired with the perfect chunky Chanel pump. However, there is the one exception to this rule in the form of Jane's used, platform "hooker" cowboy boots, which to me are a sign of her aesthetic genius. These shoes would turn her idols, Janet Jackson and Prince, right on their heads. Walking into Judy's closet is like entering a retrospective on the most memorable shoes that have walked the runway in the past twenty years. They even stand on shelves like the objects d'art that they are. My eyes gazed past many that I regret not jumping on when I first saw them, like her Ann Demeulmeester, ultra Medevil lace-ups.


Judy & Jane Aldridge from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Once you are exposed to a mother like Judy and her strong sense of self expression and visual thought, it would be hard to be ordinary or fit in with the crowd as adolescent. I love how Judy encouraged Jane to find her distinct voice, consistently allowing her to go to school in shoes that would land her in the principal's office and then would selflessly "make the trek" to bail Jane out with an "acceptable pair." Today, Jane's impulses, originality and raw and honest feelings towards personal style have found a home on the internet and though barely out of high school, she has gained a foothold against the dominance of the marketing machine, magazines and their detached, advertising-driven messages. Despite Jane's affection for the girliness of crinolines, volume and a waste, underneath that she is a force of nature. In an ocean of mediocrity, she and Sea of Shoes are making a heartfelt, giant, yet humble step towards, "standing alone," but only in the perfect new platform, pony-hair Alaias of course.

Jane's Blog: Sea of Shoes, Judy's Blog: Atlantis Home

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