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Sue Doble
Sue Doble is author of "Don't Tell Me It's Okay," book is about grief in its rawest form. She was married to George for 40 years before the Lord took him home. Sue has had many hardships in her life. Sue is the mother of three biological children, three adopted and one who became a child of the heart. Fifty-four foster children came through the doors of her home. At present there are 17 grandchildren and one great grandson. Each child is a delight in their own way. For 11 years Sue has also been raising her challenged granddaugther. Loss of the love of her life taught Sue, we each grieve in different depths, over different people or different circumstances. There is a form of grief that appears to rip the soul out of a person. Loosing George was that for her.

Blog Entries by Sue Doble

Don't Tell Me It's OK

Posted June 29, 2011 | 15:50:20 (EST)

Upon the death of my husband George I was consumed with grief. Days and nights filled with loneliness I sat and wrote my heart out. I had no idea what I was writing or what I would do with these pages filled with despair, grief, anger, confusion, suicidal thoughts and...

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