06/01/2010 07:29 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

We Don't Just Need A Body Image Revolution, We Need an 'Aging Image' One!

As I recovered from binge eating disorder and body obsession, fat days have gotten fewer and farther between.

But guess what's been popping up in their place? Wrinkle days! (This was me the other morning while brushing my teeth: "Mm, this new Aquafresh tastes ni ... ACK another crow's footWHERE'S MY MOISTURIZER?!") I may have gotten a lot saner about my weight and food, but now, apparently at the ripe old age of four-and-thirty, I'm dealing with this. And, I don't know about you, but I could use a healthy-aging-image heroine.

In this era of Botox, fillers, cheek implants and completely surgically made-over faces, how are we supposed to know what's normal anymore? Tell me, is Heather Locklear an example of what a woman is supposed to look like by age 49? Or at age 52, like Melanie Griffith in this pic? I highly doubt that a naturally aging woman would appear to look like Suzanne Somers does at 64...or like like Joan Rivers does at 77.

The extreme implants and facial surgeries sought out by aging women have become the West's version of genital mutilation--only it's voluntary. I am hereby declaring our society's fight against aging complete and total insanity. I think we don't just need a Body Image Revolution, we need a Natural Aging Revolution! I nominate the talented, brilliant Meredith Vieira, 57, and Goldie Hawn, 65, to be the posterladies.

Who's your "aging image" hero? And, how do you feel about and deal with getting older?