04/15/2015 10:12 am ET | Updated Jun 15, 2015

5 Houses Built Into Hills That'll Convince You To Move Underground

Credit: Flickr/Kecko

There are really good reasons to move underground that aren't escaping nuclear annihilation or keeping a small cult of mole women from making a run for it. Here are five sprawling modern homes that have been so expertly hidden into hillsides that you may seriously consider a subterranean move. Don't believe us? Check these out.

Gata Summerhouse

Gata, Iceland

This lair-like compound is cleverly camouflaged beneath the lush green surroundings (much like these 5 other hidden homes), but its views of the unbelievably picturesque valley below are hardly compromised thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around the entire exposed facade. Björk, is that you?

Invisible House

New South Wales, Australia

The aptly named Invisible House outside Sydney was expertly engineered to lay flush against the sloping mountain in such a way that you wouldn't recognize it as more than a slab of flat concrete until you were close enough to step inside. Interestingly, the unique aesthetic is as much a design choice as it is a necessity for habitation: any structure in this location that isn't protected from the elements in such a way would be subjected to furious winds from all angles and constant sunlight "like a furnace." It could also be totally at home on this list of the coolest isolated homes on the planet.


Villa Vals

Vals, Switzerland

This alpine holiday retreat was carefully cut--bunker style--into the rural hillside of a small village known for its luxurious thermal spas. The bulk of the concrete-encased living area is unseen from the outside, though the modest, visible facade takes full advantage of the outdoors, with a spread of windows that looks out onto a cozy patio (with a flame-heated hot tub, of course) and killer views of the mountains. And if you require a more clandestine exit, there's a tunnel that connects the house to a nearby barn.

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