11/05/2012 12:34 pm ET Updated Jan 05, 2013

The Stormy Election

'Twas the week before the election, and all through the land
Things were not going exactly as planned
A storm more daunting than any we have ever seen
Suddenly made the political accusations toned down and less mean

The president in the White House reminded us we are strong
And will be able to fix all that is wrong
Romney on the campaign trail not sure what to say
And the pundits trying to guess how the election would sway

With Gov. Christie doing his governor stuff
Reminding us all that he is so tough
He would have no pity for those who didn't get out
On his fleece pullover "Gov. Christie" it did shout

When the rain and the wind and the darkness was done
The president came to New Jersey on Air Force One
And toured by helicopter with Gov. Chris Christie
To see them together even Carville and Matlin were wispy

'Cause Christie cried "era of absentee leadership" as he criticized Barack
To hear him say the prez did a great job was a shock
And in turn President Obama was also kind
He said, "Your governor is working overtime"

Now Cuomo! Now Bloomberg! Now Booker and Obama!
On first responders! On ConEd! On National Guard and FEMA!
To the bottom of Manhattan and the New Jersey shore
We know this whole area cannot handle much more

Obama spoke in Brigatine, New Jersey, and said, "We will help you rebuild,
Power is a priority; ambulances, food and medical supplies will be filled
And expedited emergency assistance for all who need
With no red tape; the priority is speed."

In fact, our president has a 15-minute rule
For phone calls to be returned -- no red tape -- isn't that cool?

The lesson here is we can put political parties aside
And forget who said what and who last lied
With all that said and the election a day away
Make sure that you vote is all I can say.

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