Angelina Jolie's Formdiable New Publicist

03/31/2007 03:23 pm 15:23:29 | Updated May 25, 2011

I am irked.

US magazine deliberately withheld the news that the new man publicly linked with masterly publicist Angelina Jolie is Trevor Nielson.

US Magazine's current issue displays a cover line promising an article about Jolie's double life. But said article is nothing more than a pressurized plea to Jolie for news breaks. The meager US article chews menacingly over Jolie's most recent adoption--using facts previously reported by Jolie to People magazine.

No Jolie double life!! US merely uses its editorial voice to question Jolie's public transformation from bad girl to sainted adopting mother.

Indeed US magazine displays its double life--a racy cover line and re-masticated paragraphs inside the magazine.

The problem is: US wants Jolie's news breaks. The woman has flawlessly made headlines by releasing news (amazingly until recently without a publicist) not to US but to People magazine.

So US editors don't report the real news in the Jolie ascent.

US omits the news that Jolie now finally has a publicist. Her new spokesman's philanthropic credentials are verified by his public relations work at such as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Trevor Nielson is a weighty asset. If not as newsworthy as Brad Pitt; almost as crucial at this point to Jolie's image.

US magazine misses the real story by claiming that Jolie still has no publicist.

In fact, the utterly fascinating news point is that Jolie has finally found a publicist deemed worthy to speak for her. Trevor Nielson recently spoke to People Magazine for Jolie and was reverentially I'd as her "philanthropy and international affairs" adviser.

Post Script:
We know Trevor Nielson has been advising Jolie behind the scenes and making introductions for her for some time. But it is only now that she has allowed him to join his name to hers in public as spokesperson.