10/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Clinton, Stop Acting Like an Asshole

I used to love Bill Clinton. I am in his thrall when he talks issues. But by so clumsily not supporting Obama he makes Hillary look bad over and over.

I believe Bill's not in his right mind. He needs a muzzle and a therapist. When he was campaigning for Bill Clinton, he was as brilliant and deft and nuanced and sensible as any human being and natural politician could be.. But now he's too obviously envious and conflicted about Hillary and tripping all over himself as he "supports" her. He wants to be president -- he really doesn't want Hillary to be president or probably even to be a senator -- whether he knows it consciously or not.

Bill is a no husband in any sense of the word. He's not taking good care of his legal wife. Why won't he divorce her? Why doesn't she divorce him? She didn't refer to herself as a wife when she spoke of her identity -- I remember she did say she was a mother.

Again, Bill Clinton may be a genius but he is psychically impaired.

He subconsciously or consciously is competing with Hillary right now. No one in their right mind could say that Bill acts as if he's on Hillary's side. He cheats on her sexually and romantically -- even if it is part of their marital agreement -- that factor alone must raise a huge number of icky conflicts within him.

Bill Clinton is not acting in Hillary's interest when he says he admires the "natural politician" John McCain.

I'm so tired of Bill clumsily trying to hurt Obama. His motives are unpleasantly transparent to everyone. He's hoping to cause Obama to lose, so Hillary can run for president in the next election. Hillary is behaving well. Can she muzzle that "great" man -- pronto? Or else he's going to help us go down in history as the dumbest and most gullible electorate ever.

President William Jefferson Clinton -- please stop talking and start thinking about the welfare of your fellow citizens. Sssshhh!