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Bill Keller is right, the dumbasses who attack him are well--dumbasses

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The John McCain New York Times profile is not about sex with a lobbyist--indeed very little of it even mentions that icky chapter in his life.

Much more horrible, is the rest of the carefully researched article. It described a man who believes he's a moral hero, a war hero, and indeed a mighty hawk (mightier and more efficient than George W by the way).

Psychologists describe the phenomenon of the person, who believes that because he's been recognized as some kind of moral hero--that he can do whatever he wants--pulling back to apologize cockily when nailed.

It's scary--and this is the last sort of person we want in charge of middle-class people's lives--our mortgages, our savings, our taxes, our sons and nephews who he will surely do his best to send to war.

I know that the brilliant McCain morals profile will be studied by thousands of civics and political science students as a study of one pol's slovenly amoral and cheezey political behavior.

The article contains very little about the girl (the aspect seized upon and attacked by the junky tabloid media).

I don't care about his compromised relationship with the girl who looks amazingly like a young version of his wife. Big deal.

That relationship which he righteously denies is just one more nail in the coffin and by itself is nothing. But one look at his playful, chuckling, low-key strutting demeanor says it all to me--the man's got the juice of a knee-jerk womanizer.

The only person who's damaged by all this is his dazed poor wife who looks as if her teeth are permanently clenched. Indeed I can't really bear look at her frozen face --the suffering is so vivid..

Run for the hills Mrs, McCain. You have the bucks.. If you could only smile, you'd be lovely. Run. Run. Make a different life. He's already dumped one wife. Shedding one more isn't going to hurt his career any more.