04/12/2007 03:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I Almost Feel Sorry For Don Imus

Poor Don Imus.

He was merely trying to sound like a hip young Afro-American man.

I offer a bit of proof: Before Imus, I never heard any white person use the words "nappy-haired ho."

Of course I dislike Imus in the abstract.

But more basic is the way I shiver at the sight of his one-foot-in-the-grave looking face.

I think the whole problem boils down to the fact that he was trying to sound hip--which right now means sounding like a young black dude.

And I think the subconscious message people are throwing back at him is that he's too old to try to be a hip young black male entertainer.

Do you know the expression "terminally hip"?