10/19/2007 08:25 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Will Hillary Lose Because Women Are Subconsciously In Love With Her Husband?

Germaine Greer says Hillary Clinton will never be president because American women are locked in subconscious erotic relationships to Bill Clinton.

Greer thinks we're subconsciously competing with Hillary. She says we're too competitive to elect Hillary.

Is this crazy? I don't know, Sadly, it does ring a bell. I have brilliant friends who gnash their teeth and growl irrationally about Hillary. During the height of the troubles (the intern troubles) my same friends proudly wore buttons: "I Slept With Bill."

Germaine Greer knows a thing or two about erotic crushes--about sexy sparks. After all, she's the magnificent slut, the British feminist who set whole auditoriums on fire in the 1970's. ( Of course, then, I believe Greer wrote a book about how she retired from la vie erotique and went to live with cats in the country.)

The thing is--Germaine Greer really might understand secret erotic obsessions--but she doesn't know the soul of the American public--and as conflicted and confused as women might be when faced with giving another woman enormous power--particularly another woman married to our beloved former charismatic leader--we will do the right thing.

I think smart women will choose Hillary once they face a voting machine.

We better. We better rise about petty jealousies. Of all kinds.