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Singing Through The Pain

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By Susan Campos
There should be a survival kit for people just splitting up, one made especially for divorce. It should arrive immediately and should be overstuffed with dating books, romantic comedies, alcohol, every season of Sex and The City and, most importantly, a playlist. There's no one who loves a Sex and The City marathon with girlfriends more than me, but sometimes you need to press mute on Sarah Jessica Parker and pump up the Beyonce.
Certain songs unleash and process those strong emotions that you just gotta get out. I remember watching the actress Juliette Lewis perform the song, "I Will Survive," on a
late night talk show years ago after going through a break up. It was hysterical---and very helpful.

The popular website Metro Lyrics asked people what songs get them through
a breakup or a divorce. It seems the following tunes can be rather cathartic during a divorce:

1. "Happy,"Leona Lewis. Happy is a song that's perfect for the
beginning of a divorce when all your emotions are still raw, and despite your new single
status, you're fighting to stay positive about the future.

2. "Irreplaceable," Beyonce. This is good when you're getting your groove back. You'll feel good with lyrics:"To the left, To the left. Everything you own in the box to the left."

3. "When You're Gone, Avril Lavigne - Only (and I mean only) listen to
this song if you're in the mood or see a possibility of a reconciliation. "When you're gone the pieces of my heart are missing
you." You get it!

4. "25 To Life," Eminem. If you've been suppressing your anger this is
your song! 25 To Life sums it up - it's depressing!

5. "Survivor," Destiny's Child. There first 12 words set the tone: "Now
that you are out of my life, I'm so much better..."

So these songs may be good for getting out all the anger, tears and frustration...but you don't want to get all bitter and down on love. So when you're done with those break-up anthems and ready to turn over a new leaf, put on, now stay with me here: We've Only Just Begun," by Karen Carpenter. What? I know I'm going soft on you here. But really, aren't you and your new life, your new self just beginning again? It might just renew your faith in love, and man. Sure, the Carpenters can be polarizing, but try giving them, and your new life, a spin. And if you don't end up thanking me for it, you can always put me and my idea in a box to the left, right? Beyonce could help you out.