06/21/2007 12:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Never Argue With A Drunk

When are the Democrats going to wake up from the dream world they inhabit? You know, the one where they're starring in a documentary on the History Channel, and administration officials are all men of honor who will work in a frank and collegial manner with Congress to find the best solution to this Iraq occupation...

The Democrats are Charlie Brown. How many times must Lucy pull the football away before they finally understand?

We have an administration drunk with its own power. Its officials have shown a consistent, persistent and downright insistent drive to pervert the Constitution. Using the illegitimate theory of a unilateral executive, they have anointed Mr. Bush king. They are lying, thieving, cheating criminals who are destroying our country -- and Iraq's.

Why would you try to have a rational discussion with a drunk? The only sane solution is to take away their keys.

The keys, in this instance, being Congressional funding.

"Oh, no," the Democrats say. "We have to support the troops."

Really? Is that what we're doing now? Let's look at that a minute. Because what I'm seeing are record profits for war profiteers like Blackwater and Halliburton. And yet, for years now, I've been reading about troops without adequate body armor and limbs blown off because of troops riding in unarmored Humvees. I read about machinery that can't operate properly in the desert sand.

And no one seems to know exactly how many mercenaries and private armies we're funding.

Lately, I'm reading about the appalling dearth of adequate medical services and mental health support for those who returned after serving in Iraq. My heart just breaks for those men and women.

Meanwhile, the administration reels from one disaster to another, breaking everything it slams into along the way. Truly, it's been a bender of epidemic proportions.

And they're never going to sober up unless we take away the ATM card.