13 Resolutions for 2013

12/31/2012 06:14 pm ET | Updated Mar 02, 2013

'Tis the season to obsess... about New Year's resolutions. For a worrywart, it is challenging to come up with just one resolution when there are so many choices, so I have selected several from my 2012 grab bag to inspire you to worry less and indulge more in 2013.

Obsessing over my to-do list accomplishes little, so I resolve to put off from today that which can be done tomorrow. And then, as Mark Twain said, "Never put off until tomorrow that which you can do the day after tomorrow."

I can use the time I free up to improve my TV viewing, which brings me to my next resolution.

Watch More Television

I enjoy the company of Wolf Blitzer and other news pontificators while I multi-mega-maxi-task. I seem incapable, though, of single TV tasking. Thus, I resolve in 2013 to enjoy the likes of Downton Abbey and forsake staring at my to-do list in a sweat-drenched panic during the hour.

I worry I have stripped all the pleasure from eating. My daily food groups include: skim milk, raw oats, decaf, sprouted wheat pretzels, sugar-free gum, and green beans. I thus resolve to enjoy steak more often.

Afraid that I am a terrible bore on Facebook and Twitter, shouting out only to promote my writing, I resolve to engage more in 2013 and make more friends like my one BFBF (Best Facebook Friend).

Is my hairy best friend bored? For my beagle-y pound hound, Casey, I resolve to hide five kibbles each morning so Casey can go on a daily treasure hunt.

Speaking of Casey, I vow in 2013 to use two leashes when walking him, which will make it half as likely he will get loose if one leash fails.

In case of a fire in which I'll need to jump, I have been promising myself to get enough bubble wrap in which to swathe myself before I leap.

Visions of the TV commercial that shows a woman swabbing her counters with a raw chicken, suggest how risky sponges can become unless sanitized.

Go Polka Dancing

By using fewer exclamation points in emails (those nanoseconds add up), I'll have more time to go polka dancing!

Because it's chopped and spiced, spicy tuna is likely to be less fresh than not-spicy tuna.

Let Go of My Mess-on-the-Kitchen-Table Naysayer

Implement the cognitive therapy idea to reframe: Instead of the mess on the kitchen table, I'll think of all those piles as a swell expression of my project-prone self.

Resolutions aside, I wish all my readers a happy, safe, worry-free New Year! What are your New Year's resolutions?