08/05/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Rocky Mountain Meditation

Among the holy hoi-polloi from Tibet who visited Aspen, Colo. for a three day "Celebration of Tibetan Culture," Friday's breakout session led by Sogyal Rinpoche,, touched my inner-being.

Speaking in the Lauder Room at the Koch Building on the lush green campus of The Aspen Institute, to a group of genuinely interested swells, some Buddhists but many more who were in pursuit of expanding their minds (and hearts), Rinpoche charmed an overflow audience with his wit and wisdom.

In the Tibetan language, Rinpoche is an honorific title used for spiritual teachers. Literally, it translates to "Precious Jewel" or "Great Precious One," It is used both as a term to address and as the last name of the individual.

With the permission of Rinpoche, in gratitude to him and Kimberly Poppe, the following is a portion of his wrap-up, take a deep breath, smile and read mindfully.

"What I have discovered, and my students and friends have found, is how Buddhist practices such as meditation and compassion, can revolutionize the way we work, and act in the world.

Compassion especially inspired by wisdom is called 'skilful means', because: if we are able to enter into, share and deeply understand another's suffering, if we are able to apply that blend of empathy and reason that is the essence of compassion, then imagine how appropriate and compassionately skilful our actions would be.

And whatever you are doing, cultivating the mindfulness and awareness of meditation practice will help you to be more efficient, and accomplish more, with less effort and less stress.

Finally, the simplicity, spaciousness, humor and courage you can find through meditation will help you to avoid being overwhelmed by work, or burning out.

So, then, even though your life may be complex on the outside,

you will have an inner simplicity, a carefree dignity, and a profound humor, that will enable you to meet difficulties, crises, and problems, to understand, transform and overcome them with a deeper acceptance and compassion, and so discover the peace of mind, contentment, and fulfillment we need so much to face the challenges of the world today." -- Sogyal Rinpoche