12/27/2012 02:30 pm ET Updated Feb 26, 2013

10 Things I Want to Go Away in 2013

This morning I guested on Good Day New York on Fox and did my annual list of Things I Want To Go Away from this year into the next. We ran out of time at Number 5 -- so I'm going to tell you Dear Readers all ten!

It's been a rough year, lots of sadness, and so I'll try and cheer us up -- for a few -- and then I do get serious.

10. Floral DressesThis is a fashion trend that does not work. It looks like a garden exploded on you. Even the fashionable first lady is doing it and I say that the only time floral dresses worked was in London... in 1940!

9. Ugly Wedge Boots When I was a little kid, other children with club feet were forced to wear those heavy, boxlike things on their feet. Now it's a fashion trend! They are ugly and worse, dangerous. I recently sprained my ankle falling off my heels.. but they were at least sexy!

8. Men In Skirts Mark Jacobs started it and now Kanye West is trying it. No, guys... if God wanted men to wear skirts, we'd all be Scottish!

7. The Term "Unpack" I'm a news junkie and lately talking heads, well, mostly younger ones are using this phrase to mean explain, dissect or even deconstruct issues. Unpacking is only used with suitcases. Speak English, kid pundits.

6. Honey Boo Boo This kid was sort of cute on Toddlers and Tiaras but now they have given us a show with her entire family who are encouraged to be obnoxious, hillbilly rednecks... if that is not redundant.

5. Reality Shows with Bad Women First there were real or semi-real housewives, then basketball wives, then mob wives and mean girls. They started by tipping tables and pulling wigs off and now they are punching each other in the mouth. Women don't act like this. Leave this behavior to the men. Stop watching or doing these even for your 15 minutes of "infamy."

4. Angry Web Comments Wow, there are a lot of hostile, angry people on the Web. I usually like to read comments but on some sites they go too far. When the President dared to interrupt some football game, people got vicious and racist in their attacks. Hey, it's only football folks! Cool it!

3. Congressional Gridlock This has got to go away and right now! What a job! Good pay, travel, time off and when they are there they do nothing! I say a pox on both houses and both parties. We should have a national recall unless they start to work!

2. North Korean Prison Camps There is a book called Escape from Camp 14 which tells the story of the ONLY PERSON ever to escape what they call prison camps but what are really modern day concentration camps. He was born there and never knew there was a world outside of it! It's shocking and awful but inspiring as he learns to become a human after being reared as an animal. This must be on our radar! We hear nothing about it and it has to end.

1.Guns I want all guns to go away but I know that won't happen. But this is MY list and so I'll say it: Go away! Period, end of discussion. No Second Amendment talk -- just get rid of them!

And so a Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone... and getting rid of the above will make it so!

(And I welcome non-hostile comments and your own list.)