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Susan Vernicek
Susan Vernicek, Author, Confidence Creator and Identity Energizer with no business background, created Identity, an online magazine that empowers women to get all A's in the game of life. She took her own struggles and turned them into an opportunity to learn and grow. Interviewing hundreds of women, reading articles from experts to everyday women, entrenching herself into what it means to love ourselves, Susan’s passion has paid off. Once a student, now she is also the teacher. Identity has become the go-to resource for over 700,000 women and counting. Susan travels the country speaking, leading workshops, and appearing in the media to promote the importance of self-esteem.

Susan has hosted workshops and speaking engagements in schools, municipal offices, and for several business and networking groups, including, BoldHer Conference, Nassau Country Union Conference, Identity 5 Touring Workshop, Purnell School, B.I.G. (Believe. Inspire. Grow.), Business of Soul, and Wise Women Network.

And it doesn’t end there – from radio and TV, to books and print, Susan is spreading her message throughout the world. You can find her tips quoted in books published by Bright Street Books, Reinvention Press, and Harper Collins, watch her appearances on affiliates of ABC & NBC news, as well as read her articles on countless websites and newspapers.

She’s tried almost every fad diet back in her quick-fix days, admits at age 33 it’s a struggle to work hard on overall balance and is focused on not giving into the unhealthy fads we see daily.

The quick facts:

• She’s happily married and currently pregnant with TWINS – Due 7/11/14.
• She’s tried almost every fad diet back in her quick-fix days, admits at age 33 it’s a struggle to work hard on overall balance and is focused on not giving into the unhealthy fads we see daily.
• She’s all natural with natural blonde hair, uneven breasts, a bigger nose, and full of curves that she learns to appreciate more and more each day.
• She had a career where part of her job was staring at herself 40 hours a week manipulating her very own face as well as others.
• She’s the youngest of 7, ranging from 30-50+, an Aunt, Great Aunt and even younger than some of her nieces and nephews!
• She’s traveled to over 8 countries and spent a summer in London finding her passion and embracing life.
• She created S&J Identity, Inc. AKA Identity Magazine, having no business background and at the age of 25.

Entries by Susan Vernicek

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My First Father's Day Without Dad

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This is my first Father's Day without my father. My father and I didn't always have an oh-so-loving relationship. Growing up, I believed he hated me, but of course today, I know he didn't. I remember being a pretty difficult child. I was his youngest of seven, so I'm sure...

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