11/11/2009 10:16 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mad Men Politiku

Politiku is about politics. At least, ever since its launch last spring, my HuffPost Politiku column has been. Obama, The Supreme Court, Iran, Health Care and Obama again.

But I can't seem to stop blogging about Mad Men. Can't even manage to stop blogging about other people blogging about Mad Men which means I might as well do the Sun Tzu thing, absorb the opposition and Politiku about an episodic hour drama series now.

Having concluded that Mad Men Creator, Matthew Weiner's genius lies in his ability to dramatize the blurring of distinctions between subtleties, I've tried to capture that. The Politiku Posse shout out called for Politiku that drew upon the fine line between persuasion and manipulation; attraction and repulsion; desire and delusion; perception and representation.

Featured Politiku contributors are generally people I track down because of their relationship to the topic. I knew that the post would clearly require a real-live "Mad Man" (ie-- man who worked in a 1960s Mad-ison Avenue advertising agency) for the featured spot. Fortunately for me, Imran Jafrey, a media contact who also happens to be a Health Care Politiku contributor, intuited my need.

In advance of my even asking, Imran contacted author Philip Geier, a man whose ad agency career spanned four decades (including, of course, the Mad Man era). Geier's new book, Survive to Thrive is scheduled for a December 1st release and what better way to self-promote? The client centric, deadline driven, ad man spit out a Politiku in no time!

Philip Geier Politiku
Curling smoke, thin ties
Subliminal submission
All in a day's work.

Throughout the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s Philip Geier worked at The Interpublic Group with clients ranging from Coca-Cola and Exxon to GM, L'Oreal and Nestle, making Interpublic the world's #1 agency holding company for many years. He is currently Chairman of The Geier Group and his new book Survive to Thrive releases on December 1st.

Constance Congdon Politiku
Women's underwear--
the hands of ad men, mad men
covering our

Peter Orvetti

Moral of the tale
Of Draper Agonistes:
Stop being a Dick.

Sasha H. Muradali Politiku
In the twilight he
left her standing there. Wishing
and waiting for more.

Greg Howard Politiku
It all falls apart
Draper's center cannot hold
But his suits look great

Jay Jennifer House Samios Politiku
Empty Draper shells
So beautiful to regard
Harken cold winter.

Trulyfool Politiku
Wildroot Cream Oil combed,
The world unraveling fast -
Babe, make mine straight up

Susanna Speier Politiku
"Slim, pale and petite"
got me cast on Mad Men twice --
-- as background talent.

As this is the first time Politiku has worn the Episodic Hour Drama hat, I'd like to know whether or not this variation upon the genre works for you. Any other tinsel town topics you'd like me to take on in 17 syllabic clusters of 5-7-5?

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