01/12/2011 04:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What's Worth It: Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs

"Love this true Wild West destination for 'any occassion'. Spa retreat with a big difference: built on the site of an old ghost town. It is an atmospheric, reclusive resort that combines beautiful scenery with stellar service. Romantic enough to suit a honeymoon couple, cosying up in one of the rustic cabins, but superbly situated for an active weekend hiking in the national parks then relaxing in the hot springs of the spa -- or even with kids or a large family party: not many places can do all of that!"


-- Trusted Friend: Judith Tammers, Nantucket
(Date Experienced: September, 2010)

Great for: Really getting away from it all in mountain scenery and unspoilt landscapes: beautiful.

With whom: Can be really cosy and romantic, so take a partner for a weekend of relaxation and outdoors activity. Equally well-suited to family gatherings.

Memorable moment: After fly fishing directly from the property, then a long walk marvelling at wild flowers in the mountains -- not a single other person in sight -- nothing was better than a chatty dinner with other guests in the saloon, then curling up with a movie while planning what to do tomorrow... Every day was memorable in its own way.

Best time to go: Depends on what you want: summer for long walks and wildlife, winter for skiing, snowshoeing etc.

Be aware: Even in summer it can get chilly. This really is the 'wild' west -- don't think that towns and shops will be easy to get to -- but that is the charm.


Room options: Each of the 12 cabins tucked into the landscape has been hand built (sometimes by the former miners of nearby Emma mine) and all are a different blend of local artifacts, rustic style and oh-so-comfy and chic interiors. Two cabins have TVs, and there is a movie theater on-site with satellite TV and a library of 800+ titles. Or... just sit in the rocking chair on the porch and stare spellbound at the views of the Rockies. Tip: Well House cabin has a direct link to the namesake hot springs.

Service & vibe: Homey and friendly yet absolutely five star.

Food: Cowboy up and head to the former town saloon for fresh farm produce, seasonal dishes and wine from their vineyard, Sutcliffe Vineyards. Communal dining adds to the cosy feel, but might not be right if you're looking for secluded romance. If that's the case opt for in-cabin dining.

Price range: From $650 per night based on double occupancy and including all meals and drinks. A great choice for weddings or events is to buy-out the town. For approximately $22,500 per night you can rent the whole place for 42 people.

Experience it

To do & see: Get yourself outdoors into the rugged wild west... In summer: fly-fishing, hiking, riding and climbing; Winter: cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, ice-climbing and skating, snowmobiling etc...

Sport & Activity: See above, plus there are two national parks nearby, so plenty of outdoorsey goodness to be had. They are also one of the few places in the US to offer dog sledding on the property.

Spa & Grooming: The spa is perfect for some serious TLC -- including the eponymous hot springs. There is also a yoga studio and small gym.

Local Insights

To Eat: Not that much nearby (this is a true getaway), but the menu in the restaurant changes daily so you'll not tire...

Location & Reservations

Dunton Hot Springs
52068 West Fork Road #38
Dolores, CO 81323

+1 (970) 882 4800
General Manager: Edoardo Rossi