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What's Worth it: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Last week was my first trip to the 'Wild West' - it's embarrassing that I'd never been to Yellowstone nor The Grand Tetons being I'm pretty well traveled!

I set out to experience the area, to explore and take part in all of the outdoorsy activities I love in such a place and be able to share with my readers: The lowdown. So, here it is ...

Jackson Hole the town itself was underwhelming, and surprisingly touristy-town-honky-tonk. There is very little of style and zing - maybe (in town itself) only the famed restaurant "Snake River Grill" which was very good food and nice-looking, nothing memorable. The restaurant of the Rusty Parrot Inn is cosy, a bit more atmospheric and serves great food. But: the region is absolutely gorgeous with its mind blowing mountain-scapes, dramatic Fall foliage, streams, rivers and lakes and ALL of the aforementioned also makes up The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Park.

Here are the reasons to go:

Winter: Skiing (advanced skiing mostly known for)
Late Spring: White water rafting, hiking, spending time in The Grand Tetons, Fly fishing
Summer: As above + the annual music festival (there are two), wine auction
This is a wonderful family destination if kids are 7-8 years +

Where to Stay:
I split the trip into two: first 3 nights at The Amangani, second 3 nights at The Four Seasons Teton Village. Read my mini-reviews on each and why I recommend each, for different reasons (click on each hotel name):



  • If Yellowstone is you/ your family's goal - be a tourist and stay at The Old Faithful Inn a couple nights, then go stay in Jackson Hole
    • Eat at "Osteria" in Teton Village (next to The Four Seasons) - best food of all the places we tried (and bartender Frank Welch makes fab cocktails)
    • Very important are the guides you choose - we liked Dave Hanson for River trips and our friends The Wallbens who have a house there recommend highly Exum Mountain Guides
    • If you get stuck on top of a Mountain while hiking, it is possible Harrison Ford will come for you; he owns a large ranch-compound and is a volunteer rescue pilot. As tempting as it is to be rescued by Indiana Jones himself: don't get yourself into any outdoor activity that is beyond your capacity. We heard too many stories.
    • There are bears (we did not see one) - if going hiking get prepared
    • Moose are a true wonder - I was as excited seeing the Moose family as I've been seeing lions in Africa!

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