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Suzanne Langlois

Suzanne Langlois

Posted: September 11, 2009 01:27 AM

Game On

"You lie!" An economy of words, but a liberality of message.

Thank you Joseph Wilson. Last evening, your socially inappropriate phonic tic put a fine point on the bare knuckle brawl that has been raging in the public square. The representative from South Carolina acquitted himself in a style that would have given neurologist Gilles de la Tourette pause. This morning, when I attempted to access Representative Wilson's site , it was over-whelmed and unavailable. No doubt the crush of e-traffic was from other well-wishers hoping to send Joe a nice virtual fruit basket.

Conservative contempt for our president was palpable in the house Wednesday night. The Republican gallery sulked and slouched in their highly polished mahogany benches, their body language spoke volumes. Secret BlackBerry-originated screes swirled in the ethers. Joseph Wilson's rude outburst was merely the steam valve on his party's common pressure cooker. While the petulant Republicans bristled and squirmed like ill-mannered school boys, President Obama rallied his troops. He was, in a word, breathtaking. There may have been only a few converts last evening, but the faithful were born again.

During the summer recess, bad behavior at town hall meetings was couched simply as unbridled patriotism. It has been my experience, that on any given Tuesday, the tea bag crowd was one epithet shy of a fist fight. Depending on the slant of the local media coverage, public opinion was previously up for grabs.

That was so last August. Representative Wilson's spontaneous episode of coprolalia crystallized the mean-spirited conservative position for all the world to see. I say, bravo to you, sir! It's out in the open now ... game on.