The Rise of the Dick Armey, the Summer's Biggest Blockbuster

09/10/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Democrats are in power, leaving the Republicans plenty of
discretionary time to make their own special brand of mischief.
The Tea Parties of last April, as silly as they seemed, were
the first shot across this administration's bow.

The silver haired granny who disrupts your town hall meeting
may well have gotten her marching orders from the Republican's
answer to, the conservative, Resistnet or perhaps the Tea Party Patriots.

In addition to this summer's Town Hall festivities, the
Republican's 'astroturf' movement is planning a big blowout
in the nation's capital for the second week in September,
the timing to correspond with the debate over the president's
Health Care Reform legislation.

"Government goes to those who show up"

That is a quote from the FreedomWorks website.

Dick Armey is right. At one time this sort of activism was
the sole province of the labor unions and the civil rights
movement, now scrappy clutches of conservative Republicans
are mixing it up at town hall meetings all over the country.
The events are covered by a sensation mad media, as a result,
the only voices heard belong to the badly behaved.

Do you recall the 'Brooks Brothers Riot' November of 2000 ?

That relatively minor disruption, by a small cohort of well
dressed, conservative activists at the Miami/Dade election
recount offices, effectively ushered in the first term of
George W. Bush. It was a simple plan, but oh so elegant.

The concerned taxpayers who are exercising their first
amendment rights at town hall meetings (they claim they've
torn a page from MoveOn's play book) are merely in dress
rehearsal for the big event, The Taxpayers March on
Washington DC, scheduled for September 9-12 2009.

Getting Barack Obama elected was just the beginning,
defending his six o'clock position is a full time job.
Pull out your dayrunners progressives. Mark down this dates:

Event: The Taxpayer's March On Washington DC
Date: September 12, 2009
Place: Washington DC
Time: 9:00 AM at the Lincoln Memorial
1:00 PM at the Capitol Building

Sponsored by, Resistinet, FreedomWorks,
The National Taxpayers Union, Campaign for Liberty,
The Tea Party Patriots, The Club for Growth and others.

Darla Dawald, National coordinator for the march has invited all
of us to contact her directly at and
One Step Promotions is offering affordable travel packages for
every budget.

Sun Tzu counsels us to understand the nature of our adversary.

Lately I have spent some time reading the material on the major
conservative websites. I encourage you to do the same, gentle
reader, the stakes are far too high.

Is there anything on your calendar that trumps defending the
promised change of the last election ? If we snooze this time,
(the notion of health care reform hasn't seen the light of day
since 1993) think of what we may lose for decades to come.

Many of the conservative activist organizations have adopted
lofty patriotic names evoking the founding father's struggle
against tyranny. To my mind that begs the question, If patriotism
is their private bailiwick, are those of us who truly believe that
access to health care is the most basic of civil rights, unpatriotic ?

MoveOn, you wrote the book with the missing page. You also have an
enviable e-mail data base. The Republicans keep repeating,
"Elections have consequences." It would be a pity to disappoint them.

Dick Armey is the former Republican Representative of the 26th
congressional district of Texas, he currently serves as chairman
of Dick Armey will be a headline speaker at
The Taxpayer's March on Washington DC