07/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stephen Colbert in Iraq

To remind everyone about the war, The Colbert Report has gone to Iraq, taping shows for the troops, which is sure to inspire others to follow the lead. In upcoming weeks, viewers can look forward to:

Jeopardy: Alex Trebek elicits humorous anecdotes from the troops about holidays, births of babies, graduations, anniversaries, weddings and other significant events they've missed while serving multiple tours of duty.

The Bachelorette: Jillian has dinners with 8 remaining troops, trying to single out the lucky guy who will then get e-mails from her, written after she returns to the safety of home.

Gossip Girl: Panic ensues when Blair and Serena board the wrong plane and instead of flying to Barcelona on the class trip, find themselves in Iraq without their luggage.

Maury: After a lengthy and heated dispute, Taliban terrorists agree to take paternity tests to determine who is the father of an 11-month old baby.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: An impatient Larry David, cranky about standing in line, cuts in front of starving, battle-weary troops in the mess hall and is caught by the General, whose brother is the Dean of Admissions at Harvard, which, if Larry should have kids, will jeopardize their chances of being accepted.

Jon & Kate Plus 8: Kate and Jon introduce variety to their bickering by doing it in a different time zone.

My Life on the D List: Kathy Griffin books a haircut with Gen. Ray Odierno after watching him shave Colbert's head, then complains, "There will be no tip. You took off too much!"

Martha Stewart: Martha and her crack team of home design experts show the troops how to redo their barracks with lighter, pastel shades for summer in Iraq.

David Blaine Special: A film crew covers an uninterrupted, 72 hours of American interrogators waterboarding David Blaine, trying to get him to reveal the secrets of how he survived his other stunts.