Goddess Of The Week: Filmmaker Vicki Abeles

05/12/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

god•dess n:

1. one of a group of superstar female beings who uses her feminine wisdom and supernatural powers to heal the collective consciousness and create good in the world.

2. a woman who pursues causes and concerns with passion, unconcerned about challengers and naysayers.

3. a woman who is courageous, gutsy and dares to live her truth.

4. a female who emanates love, beauty, and grace just by showing up.

I am starting something new where each week I will be featuring a woman who is doing good things in the world and/or daring to live her truth. These women will come from all fields including education, health, arts and entertainment, journalism, politics, world relations, motherhood, business, finance, technology, media and more.

My intention in creating Goddess of the Week is to make women and their great work more visible. I think traditional media is a little too wrapped up in women as beauty icons, fashionistas, and boy-crazy bloodhounds. While I love beauty, fashion and boys (let's make that men), what about the incredible work that women are doing every day all over the world?

Goddess of the Week is just a start to my efforts in promoting women. I'll be adding new elements in the coming months.


Vicki Abeles, Director and Producer of Race to Nowhere

Vicki is a mom to three children living in Lafayette, CA. She has a background as a corporate attorney and consultant, and now as a filmmaker is on a mission to bring to center stage the need for workable solutions to issues surrounding America's education system. Her first film is Race to Nowhere. The documentary examines the pressure faced by students, parents, teachers and administrators in today's achievement obsessed culture of "No Child Left Behind," and offers solutions to redefine success in America. Read here to learn more about Vicki's INCREDIBLE work. Thank you Vicki for all that you are doing!

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