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Anti Semitism

Not Jewish Enough for Glenn Beck -- Nor Israeli Enough

Bradley Burston | Posted 10.22.2011 | Media
Bradley Burston

This has been a summer of astonishments. So it probably should have come as no surprise that Tel Aviv's sudden tent city should have drawn the impossi...

Terrorism, Racism, and the Idea That Israelis Are People, Too

Bradley Burston | Posted 10.25.2011 | World
Bradley Burston

When opposition to Israeli policies crosses the line into hatred and dark stereotyping of Israelis as a whole, does this not constitute racism?

Delta Commits To Nondiscrimination In Wake Of Religious Controversy

Posted 10.24.2011 | Religion

A senior executive for Delta Air Lines has issued a written commitment that the company will not in any circumstance seek to know the religious affili...

The Middle East and the Dead Dog in the Living Room

Omri Marcus | Posted 10.24.2011 | World
Omri Marcus

The Middle East is a confusing place. Whenever I have guests from abroad and try to explain our crazy situation -- they lose track after 10-15 minutes...

Abrahamic Faiths Mocked By Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Canards

Rabbi Abraham Cooper | Posted 10.15.2011 | Religion
Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Some Middle East church leaders, it seems, never embraced the Vatican's denunciation of theological anti-Semitism.

Yiddish Is Alive And Well

Harvey Gotliffe, Ph.D. | Posted 10.01.2011 | Religion
Harvey Gotliffe, Ph.D.

The vulnerable Yiddish language could have languished and died. Instead, it has become a venerable part of our society.

Arkansas Soldier Shooter's Tell-All Letter To FBI

AP | JEANNIE NUSS | Posted 09.28.2011 | Crime

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A man who pleaded guilty to shooting two soldiers outside a military recruiting station in Arkansas said he also shot at the...

Holocaust Denial Pages Can Stay Says Facebook

Posted 09.27.2011 | Religion

Earlier this month, 21 Holocaust survivors affiliated with the Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a plea to Facebook asking them to deny access to anyone ...

Orchestra Breaks Wagner Taboo In Germany

AP | JUERGEN BAETZ | Posted 09.25.2011 | Arts

BERLIN — An Israeli orchestra on Tuesday broke a taboo as it played the music of Adolf Hitler's favorite composer, Richard Wagner, in Germany. ...

Israeli Orchestra To Break Wagner Taboo In Germany

AP | JUERGEN BAETZ | Posted 09.24.2011 | Arts

BERLIN — An Israeli orchestra is set to perform a work by Adolf Hitler's favorite composer, Richard Wagner, in a taboo-breaking concert in Germa...

Mounting Anti-Semitism in Europe

Barry Lando | Posted 09.23.2011 | World
Barry Lando

In my view the major reason for the attacks on Jewish targets in Europe is political rather than racial.

Of Jews And War

Dovid Efune | Posted 09.14.2011 | Religion
Dovid Efune

Our utopia is one where "swords will be beaten into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks." Yet, misplaced pity and reluctance to face an enemy can result in the greatest death and destruction.

Confronting Bigotry in Surfing

Zach Weisberg | Posted 09.13.2011 | Sports
Zach Weisberg

While surfing (like most sports) can be a transcendent unifier, it has also developed an astoundingly ironic and nuanced culture. To a large extent, surf culture thrives on divisiveness.

Glenn Beck Defiles The Holy Land

MJ Rosenberg | Posted 09.11.2011 | World
MJ Rosenberg

Glenn Beck, the former Fox News personality, has devised a three-point strategy that enables him to widely disseminate the old "blame the Jews" meme without being dismissed as anti-Semitic.

A Living Faith Needs Critical Voices

Jalees Rehman, M.D. | Posted 09.06.2011 | Religion
Jalees Rehman, M.D.

The desire to preserve and glorify faith is understandable, but when this desire becomes the central goal, it creates a lifeless version of the faith that is better suited for a museum.

Anti-Semitism in KY Politics: Where's the Outrage?

Jonathan_Miller | Posted 09.04.2011 | Politics

Forgy's notion of an international conspiracy, joining Jewish financiers and entertainment moguls, is the modern blood libel: the pernicious fantasy spun by anti-Semites to demean, dehumanize and scapegoat the Jewish people.

An Analysis Of The Delta-Saudi Controversy

Rabbi Jason Miller | Posted 08.27.2011 | Religion
Rabbi Jason Miller

While the title of my post was misleading and inaccurate, I still believe that Delta is making a mistake by becoming a partner with an airline run by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Minority Report

Lev Raphael | Posted 08.27.2011 | Religion
Lev Raphael

Lenny Bruce once riffed that "If you live in New York or any other big city, you are Jewish. It doesn't even matter if you're Catholic; if you live in New York, you're Jewish."

Delta and Saudi Arabia: Flying the Friendly, Anti-Semitic Skies

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach | Posted 08.24.2011 | World
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

It's no secret that Saudi Arabia bars passengers with Jewish sounding last names and any passport with an Israeli stamp from its flights. It's therefore inexplicable why Delta Airlines would partner with Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Delta Partnership May Cause Travel Headaches For Non-Muslims

Posted 08.23.2011 | Religion

UPDATE: SCROLL DOWN FOR RELIGION NEWS SERVICE EDITOR'S NOTE Religion News Service issued a follow-up to this story on Friday (June 24). By Miche...

Delta Adopts Saudi Arabian Airlines No Jew Policy

Rabbi Jason Miller | Posted 08.23.2011 | Religion
Rabbi Jason Miller

Delta isn't being forced to include Saudi Arabian Airlines into its Sky Team Alliance. In fact, Delta could stand on principle and refuse to include Saudi Arabian Airlines based on its discriminatory policy.

Choose Another People! Why KY GOP Figure's Anti-Semitic Taunts Will Backfire

Jonathan_Miller | Posted 08.19.2011 | Politics

I'm confident my own neighbors won't allow our political system to be corrupted by the kind of vile name-calling that was used for so many centuries against my ancestors.

Superhero Or Villain: 'Foreskin Man' Called Anti-Semitic

AP | JULIE WATSON | Posted 08.18.2011 | Weird News

SAN DIEGO — His fists clenched and muscles rippling beneath a tight blue suit, the yellow-caped character appears poised to take on evil-doers. ...

Coming Of Age Under The Third Reich: Films On The Loss Of Innocence

George Heymont | Posted 08.14.2011 | Arts
George Heymont

Every hour of every day someone, somewhere, suffers a life-changing loss of innocence. Whether it occurs while watching the news or at gunpoint, wheth...

Is It Anti-Semitism?

Rabbi David Wolpe | Posted 08.09.2011 | Religion
Rabbi David Wolpe

I thought we were done. Jew hatred was the attention grabbing remnant of an earlier world. We had moved on -- Judaism was now about who we are, not about what others think. Foolish youth.