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Book Tours

Writing Is My Business, But So Is Business

Lev Raphael | Posted 02.27.2014 | Books
Lev Raphael

As an author, I wound up owning my own small business and it's as vulnerable to competition and the vagaries of the market place as any physical store. Sometimes it's just as exhausting.

The Clearance Kids

e.E. Charlton-Trujillo | Posted 04.13.2014 | Impact
e.E. Charlton-Trujillo

These kids are collectibles. Their value has yet to be set. Their stories represent a new American voice -- the voices of those who can never be counted out.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Author

Lev Raphael | Posted 03.31.2014 | Travel
Lev Raphael

When it comes to being a traveling author, it helps that I did so much theater in college, and that I've taught for many years as well. I generally feel comfortable as a performer of my own work -- and my own life. And yet there's always a trace of sadness on the road, too.

Do Americans Just Travel Wrong? Part II

William D. Chalmers | Posted 02.01.2014 | Travel
William D. Chalmers

Obviously, travel is exceedingly personal; everything is relative, and everyone travels for different reasons. There cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach; there are exceptions to every rule. Indeed, there is no right way to travel, but maybe there are a few wrong ways.

Book Tour Stop: Scene of the Crime

Mark I. Pinsky | Posted 01.23.2014 | Books
Mark I. Pinsky

Book tours are rarely the stuff of high drama, but when one stop includes the scene of an infamous crime you claim to have solved, the tension and the room temperature tend to rise.

We Interrupt This Family for Baseball Season

Jim Wallis | Posted 07.31.2013 | Sports
Jim Wallis

On Memorial Day weekend, our family of four participated in six baseball games! It was such a refreshing change from discussing our nation's politics. Here is a great baseball story that explains why I love Little League Baseball.

Responding to Fans Isn't Always Easy

Lev Raphael | Posted 05.27.2013 | Books
Lev Raphael

When you start publishing, nobody prepares you for the weird experience of being praised in person by a stranger. The moment is both heartening and a bit embarrassing, even when you're an extrovert.

On Book Tour With Willy Loman

Fred Waitzkin | Posted 07.08.2013 | Books
Fred Waitzkin

It does not matter if a writer's work is delicate or deep or inventive or learned or crass. With thousands of books published each week, authors are begging for a signing in a prestigious store, no less a radio interview or a feature newspaper article.

5 More Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author That I Learned the Hard Way

Deborah Plummer | Posted 06.08.2013 | Books
Deborah Plummer

Once again, with the upcoming release of a new book, I am attempting to integrate additional lessons into my author knowledge base.

Series on Series: A Second Hand With Dark Justice

William Bernhardt | Posted 05.29.2013 | Books
William Bernhardt

I still remember the first Earth Day. And now that I've completely dated myself, let me explain the significance.

Planning a Blog Tour? Think Twice.

Lev Raphael | Posted 05.11.2013 | Books
Lev Raphael

Blog tours are all the rage right now for indie and traditionally-published authors. My advice: think it through, and then talk to other people who've done them, and think it through again.

When Bad Readings Happen to Good Authors

Lev Raphael | Posted 03.06.2013 | Books
Lev Raphael

It's a common occurrence: We love an author, we've read all her books, we can't wait to hear her read at a local book store. And when we go, the readi...

The Vagina Travelogues

Naomi Wolf | Posted 11.26.2012 | Books
Naomi Wolf

What do I take home from my week in the UK, talking about something as simple and valuable as the new science of female arousal and orgasm? It seems that female sexuality is still such a difficult and contested issue even to think about in mainstream media spaces.

(More) Sh*t People Say to Authors

Lev Raphael | Posted 11.11.2012 | Books
Lev Raphael

At first, when you're on tour, it's surprising, then tiring -- but eventually it's funny, and sometimes even offers you material for your next book. All the comments on this list have been offered to me or author friends of mine.

3 Mistakes Authors Make

Ann Bauer | Posted 08.05.2012 | Books
Ann Bauer

When you're a brand-new author with a book just out, you tend to be pathologically focused -- on reviews, media and interviews and why you're not getting more reviews, media and interviews. I was in exactly this place when I showed up to read.

Nikki Haley Dismisses 'Naysayers'

West Ashley Patch | Jonathan Allen | Posted 06.10.2012 | Politics

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley brought her national book tour back to the Palmetto State Monday. About a dozen protesters lined up outside Blue Bi...

Author Copes With Cancer In Surprising Way

Howard Frank Mosher | Posted 05.12.2012 | Books
Howard Frank Mosher

On the face of the matter, my decision to barnstorm the independent bookstores of America from border to border and coast to coast when I was supposed to be resting up from debilitating radiation treatments doesn't make a particle of sense.

Writing Is My Business and So Is Publicity

Lev Raphael | Posted 05.07.2012 | Books
Lev Raphael

Doing publicity takes time away from writing, but without it, the writing you do doesn't get out there. If you're lucky, the PR can be fun.

How to Have a Perfect Book Tour

Lev Raphael | Posted 01.31.2012 | Books
Lev Raphael

Authors often feel like DHL parcels on a book tour, delivered from one venue to another. Small things can feel like big problems. So how do you maintain control?

The Five Stages of Book Touring

Lev Raphael | Posted 01.11.2012 | Books
Lev Raphael

I'm reading from my memoir My Germany in German and English, and the tour is going well, with enthusiastic audiences. But there's also an inner tour I'm on, one that has five stages I am very familiar with. I think other authors will recognize them.

For the Exhausted Author, Wellness Is on the T.V.

Suzanne Morrison | Posted 12.13.2011 | Books
Suzanne Morrison

Television. It's the greatest invention ever. Who needs Omega fats and deep breathing and flowing linen when you can wear the leggings & ripped t-shirt you slept in while gnawing on fancy beef jerky?

Christine O'Donnell Book Signing Draws Just Five People | By Denes Husty III | Posted 10.26.2011 | Politics

Not even tea party favorite Christine O’Donnell could draw a large crowd for her book signing Wednesday in staunchly Republican Naples during August...

My Book Tour Photo Album (Vol.1)

Geoffrey Gray | Posted 10.25.2011 | Books
Geoffrey Gray

Been on the road over a week now, four cities down, five readings down, two more to go, and lots of little soaps and bottles of shampoo in my bag.

When Reviewers Get Thanked (It Happens!)

Lev Raphael | Posted 10.20.2011 | Books
Lev Raphael

There's a special treat for me as a reviewer when an author contacts me via Facebook, email -- or in the old days by mail -- to thank me. I don't expect it, and don't write for an author's approval, both of which make it more fun.

Ms. Benjamin's Guide to Etiquette for the Polite Reader (and Author)

Melanie Benjamin | Posted 09.24.2011 | Books
Melanie Benjamin

As I prepare to embark upon that perilous -- and perilously rare -- adventure called the "book tour," I think it behooves us both to be reminded of our obligation to one another. Herewith, I propose these simple rules for governing our behavior.