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New Jewish Camp to Teach Entrepreneurship to Teens

Rabbi Jason Miller | Posted 04.01.2014 | Business
Rabbi Jason Miller

You know it's a good idea when parents lament that they wish there was something like this when they were teens. That seems to be the general consensu...

Why YouTube Star Driven Film 'Camp Takota' Is Worth Watching!

Shira Lazar | Posted 04.16.2014 | Entertainment
Shira Lazar

We sent the always fun Flula to the Camp Takota Premiere Party Tuesday where YouTube stars like Tyler Oakley, Chester See, Rhett & Link, and the Hol...

Spilled Milk: When Dads Cheat

William Lucas Walker | Posted 01.23.2014 | Parents
William Lucas Walker

Adulterers relax. This isn't about you. It's uglier than that. A couple of months ago, just before he turned 8, my boy and I attended something called a Father/Son Getaway. Any sane parent will tell you this is an oxymoron, that "weekend getaway" and offspring are conceits that automatically cancel each other out.

How Gay Is Halloween?

Brandon Ambrosino | Posted 01.23.2014 | Gay Voices
Brandon Ambrosino

Let's be clear about something: While it's certainly true that the holiday has a universal appeal, the contemporary global, multibillion-dollar phenomenon that is Halloween night owes its existence, persistence, and fabulistence to modern gay culture. Why might that be?

'Camp' Is Closed

Posted 10.01.2013 | TV

NBC has chosen to cancel "Camp" after one season. The news was broken by star Nikolai Nikolaeff via Twitter on Tuesday afternoon. So... It was a gr...

Is The DEA Finally Getting Marijuana Raids Right?

Robin Wilkey | Posted 09.19.2013 | Politics

New data released by the Drug Enforcement Administration reveals the agency has dramatically cut the number of raids on marijuana growers over the pas...

Mother Monster Dearest

Larry Womack | Posted 10.15.2013 | Gay Voices
Larry Womack

Is Lady Gaga a major contributor to the dumbing of gay America? Or does she, like LOGO and five installments of the Eating Out franchise before her, merely lay it bare?

Children Proud of Their Work Anywhere in the World

Dr. Jane Aronson | Posted 10.12.2013 | Impact
Dr. Jane Aronson

I loved their little voices quietly detailing their complex dreams. Their proud tones were not lost on anyone. Each child was very focused on the art they created and the play they enjoyed. Their faces were beaming as their work was hung on the walls around us.

Young, Black, Jewish and Profiled

Diane Tobin | Posted 09.29.2013 | Religion
Diane Tobin

The fact that the majority of modern Jewish emigration came from Central and Eastern Europe created the mistaken perception in America that Jews are only white. We feared that Jonah would be forced to choose between his racial and religious identities.

It's Time to Leave for Camp/School... How Do We Get Out the Door?

Diana Grycan | Posted 09.08.2013 | Parents
Diana Grycan

For a young child who is accustomed to separating from mommy or caretaker in the morning, there is the issue of attention. Young children do not care if the attention is negative or positive as long as it takes the caretaker away from everything else around them.

"The Polo Pony Whisperer"

Jerry Zezima | Posted 09.08.2013 | Comedy
Jerry Zezima

By Jerry Zezima A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse, of course -- unless, of course, you're a newspaper columnis...

A Taste of Paula Deen's Potential Music Career

Zach Udko | Posted 09.02.2013 | Comedy
Zach Udko

With rumors swirling that Paula Deen may be joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars next season, let's consider what could be next for the disgraced deep-frying diva. A fitness DVD? A gig hosting the BET Awards? Or better yet: perhaps a career in pop music?

Arriving for the Last Night of Camp

Dave Dubin | Posted 08.24.2013 | Impact
Dave Dubin

As someone who attended Camp Kinder Ring when I was younger, I knew what it was like to have camp end, and miss everyone so much that it hurt. You never knew when or if you would ever see them again, and the thought of losing someone forever was the knot you thought would never untie.

Summertime... How Do I Get My Children Everywhere?

Diana Grycan | Posted 08.24.2013 | Parents
Diana Grycan

There are new carpools shifts to drive, camps to get to, play dates to arrange, swimming lessons to sign up for and so much more. How does a parent manage?

The Last Camp Trunk

Jane L. Rosen | Posted 08.07.2013 | Parents
Jane L. Rosen

Over the past few years, as I would tie on the lobster bib, it would slowly hit me that this, as with all childhood passages, will soon come to an end.

Welcome To NBC's Summer 'Camp'

Posted 05.30.2013 | TV

NBC is going to "Camp" this summer. "Six Feet Under" veteran Rachel Griffiths stars as Mackenzie Granger, the owner and director of Little Otter Fa...

Bug Juice for the Pubescent Soul: 5 Life Lessons I Learned at Camp

Una LaMarche | Posted 07.14.2013 | Comedy
Una LaMarche

My crush also went to my camp, and I fantasized he would ask me to dance to "In Your Eyes," which was played every time, because it was the early 90s and John Cusack was still ruining romantic gestures for everyone between the ages of 12 and death.

Bruce LaBruce's New Take On Susan Sontag's 1964 Essay 'Notes On "Camp"'

Mark Allen | Posted 07.13.2013 | Gay Voices
Mark Allen

In today's complex, post-everything culture, does the term "camp" still have meaning? Sitting down with me, Bruce LaBruce answered some questions about his essay "Notes on Camp/Anti-Camp" and "camp-categorized" a brand new list of current gay-related people and topics.

NBC Sets Summer Schedule

Posted 04.15.2013 | TV

NBC has announced its new summer 2013 schedule. "Save Me," which was ordered to series in May 2012, will debut on Thursday, May 23 with two episod...

Glamping Debuts in Downtown Los Angeles

Duane Wells | Posted 05.27.2013 | Travel
Duane Wells

To be honest, I've never been a big fan of camping. In fact, I've never quite gotten the whole idea of "roughing it" because it has always seemed a contrary notion to me. But glamping, on the other hand, is an entirely different story.

Camping With Teen Girls: Dreams and Nightmares

Zondra Hughes | Posted 05.26.2013 | Chicago
Zondra Hughes

Some grown women are so busy chasing the fountain of youth that they often blame, dismiss or ignore teens. But our teens need living examples of success and mentorship to learn lessons that will keep them safe and help them succeed.

Raid Of The Day: The Hay Family

Radley Balko | Posted 05.19.2013 | Politics

At about 6 am on the morning of March 8, 1985, 60 law enforcement officers staged a raid on the Point Arena, California ranch owned by Bill Hay an...

Author Spotlight: Summer Dance

Adria Rolnik | Posted 05.19.2013 | Books
Adria Rolnik

Imagine a sleep-away camp where you dance, morning, noon and night. Where you stage performances and learn from the masters. This is a world created by author, Lynn Swanson. Here are some excerpts from a recent Q&A with the author.

Camping It Up in Ancient Rome: A Queer Take on Catullus 16

Michael Broder | Posted 05.11.2013 | Gay Voices
Michael Broder

Gay readers have been told that we should despise this kind of poetry because it devalues us and has historically contributed to our stigmatization. And yet, much of this poetry can be great fun if we approach it as camp frivolity rather than earnest homophobic ridicule.

Two Familiar Faces Returning To 'How I Met Your Mother'

Posted 02.26.2013 | TV

"How I Met Your Mother" has always been a little nostalgic (to say the least), so it's no surprise that the CBS comedy is inviting a number of familia...