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Coal Industry

Is Your Bank One Of The Biggest 'Climate Killers'?

Posted 12.02.2011 | Green

Are big banks financing climate change? A new study detailing big banks' lending to the coal industry over the past six years says yes. "Bankrollin...

WATCH: College Students Nationwide Speak Out Against Coal

Posted 11.18.2011 | Green

Last month, students from colleges and universities across the country became a part of the Sierra Club's ongoing Beyond Coal campaign. Student act...

Can We Avoid Locking Ourselves Into Runaway Climate Change?

Kelly Rigg | Posted 01.14.2012 | Green
Kelly Rigg

It's as if this year the International Energy Agency wanted to grab us by the shoulders and give us a good shake. And coming from an institution that was long considered a cheerleader for the fossil and nuclear industries, we would do well to pay attention.

Rev Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir at Occupy Wall Street

Reverend Billy | Posted 12.20.2011 | New York
Reverend Billy

Al Jazeera came along for our "Exorcism of the Bank of America" last week. We wanted to preach some big bank specifics.

Will Boehner's Pork Project Be the Next Solyndra?

Elliott Negin | Posted 12.19.2011 | Politics
Elliott Negin

John Boehner thinks new energy sources should "stand on their own" But he apparently doesn't feel the same way about "old" energy sources -- namely oil and gas, coal, and nuclear -- which have been sucking on the federal teat for more than 50 years.

Appalachia Faces Steep Coal Decline

AP | By DYLAN LOVAN | Posted 11.27.2011 | Green

GARRETT, Ky. -- When business screeched to a halt at Jerry Howard's eastern Kentucky mine engineering company two years ago, he decided to call it qui...

RFK, Jr. Says Massey Coal 'Offensive To The Public Interest'

The Huffington Post | James Gerken | Posted 11.21.2011 | Green

Should a corporation with a track record of frequent legal violations be allowed to operate? Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Free Speech For People say no....

The Coal Stops Here

Michael Brune | Posted 09.20.2011 | Green
Michael Brune

I'm usually skeptical of absolutes. But not when it comes to coal.

Australia Prime Minister: Carbon Tax Won't Kill Coal Industry

AP | By KRISTEN GELINEAU | Posted 09.11.2011 | Green

SYDNEY -- Australia's prime minister on Tuesday touted a $5 billion bid for one of the nation's coal miners as proof an unpopular new tax on the count...

The Whole Coal Story

Carl Safina | Posted 08.20.2011 | Green
Carl Safina

When you realize coal's effects on health and our environment, coal is exceptionally costly. If these costs were included in the price of coal, cleaner energy technologies would become very competitive.

Three Strikes and You're Hot: Time for Obama to Say No to the Fossil Fuel Wish List

Bill McKibben | Posted 08.02.2011 | Green
Bill McKibben

The Obama administration is making its biggest decisions yet on our energy future, and those decisions are intimately tied to this continent's geography.

Scholastic’s Big Coal Mistake | Posted 07.13.2011 | Books

Children’s books and other educational materials produced by the publisher Scholastic reach about 90 percent of the nation’s classrooms. With this...

Jason Linkins

Yes Men Affiliates Prank Big Coal | Jason Linkins | Posted 07.10.2011 | Green

It appears that a merry gang of agitprop pranksters associated with the Yes Men have pulled a fast one on Peabody Energy, the self-described "world's ...

I Demand Cheaper Electricity

Michael Kieschnick | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Michael Kieschnick

Few would demand that mercury remain an essential ingredient of our electricity. Yet that is precisely what the powerful dirty coal industry would want you to believe.

Will U.S. Taxpayers Be Asked to Finance Environmental Devastation in South Africa?

Michelle Chan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Michelle Chan


Energy Chairman Upton Turns His Back on Health Protections Americans Value

Frances Beinecke | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Frances Beinecke

Rep. Fred Upton has launched an all-out attack on the government's ability to protect Americans from dangerous air pollution.

Coal Money And Violent Rhetoric Hold Appalachia Captive to Dirty Energy

Brendan DeMelle | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Brendan DeMelle

When will the coal industry stop using guns and violent rhetoric to intimidate those who seek to protect the mountains and hollers that Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone once roamed, a rich part of American heritage?

Big Coal, 'Avatar' And Tu B'Shvat

Rabbi Arthur Waskow | Posted 05.25.2011 | Religion
Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Let us stand together to rescue and heal our Earth from the Crushers in our own society.

Utah Approves a Mine Next to Bryce Canyon for Coal America Doesn't Need

Robert Redford | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Robert Redford

2010-12-13-park.jpg We no longer have to sacrifice an iconic landscape in order to burn some dirty rocks. And yet a mining company got approval last month to open Utah's first-ever strip mine for coal.

GOP Unmoved by Miners' Health Concerns While MSHA Cracks Down on Black Lung, Scofflaws

Art Levine | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Art Levine

In an earlier political era, a major mine disaster like the explosion at Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch Mine that killed 29 miners might have spurred Congress to take action. Not in today's Washington.

'Tis the Season for Greening Wall Street

Mindy S. Lubber | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Mindy S. Lubber

'Tis the season for low expectations on climate change and other global sustainability challenges. Yet there's no reason to think our stockings will forever be stuffed with coal.

Booming U.S. Gas Industry Becoming an American Energy Exporter

Raymond J. Learsy | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Raymond J. Learsy

We're seeing a tectonic shift in America's dependence on imported energy begin to take hold. In the last weeks a number of major events have taken place that are beginning to shift the balance of energy in significant ways.

Coal Lobbyists Wooed White House Staff to Influence Coal Ash Regulations Long Before Public Hearings

Brendan DeMelle | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Brendan DeMelle

Between October 2009 and April 2010, coal industry representatives held at least 33 meetings with White House staff on the coal ash issue, almost three times as many meetings as environmentalists and university scientists were granted on the subject.

Memo to Texas, Alabama & Nebraska: Mind Your Own Business

William S. Becker | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
William S. Becker

A new poll in California indicates a dead heat among that state's voters on Proposition 23, the ballot initiative in which out-of-state oil companies ...

The Clean Air Act at 40: Still Vulnerable to Polluters' Falsehoods

John Adams | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
John Adams

Forty years ago, Congress passed the Clean Air Act of 1970. Nearly every Clean Air Act program that we now take for granted was bitterly opposed by industry. That same pattern holds true today.