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College Students

Teens Shifting Privacy Settings on Facebook -- Really?

Julie Dobrow | Posted 11.30.2013 | College
Julie Dobrow

Are teenagers starting to do different things with their privacy settings and control access to their photos and personal information in different ways on Facebook?

The Gift of a Little Brother

Write for the Future | Posted 11.25.2013 | College
Write for the Future

by Arianna Francis Little brother? He's a boy. At seven, I cried and cried when I discovered the little sister I always wanted would be a boy. I ...

Ending Hunger in our Communities: The Community College Role

DeRionne P. Pollard, Ph.D. | Posted 11.25.2013 | DC
DeRionne P. Pollard, Ph.D.

Montgomery College joined with local Montgomery County and nonprofit leaders, private sector partners, and advocates in support of a project that will enrich both our students and community -- by supporting the creation of a countywide food recovery program.

Tackling FOMO at a New Level

Sofia Stafford | Posted 11.23.2013 | College
Sofia Stafford

I have come to the conclusion that while FOMO still is very much about the struggle to find that balance, it also addresses our desire to seek belonging and direction.

Why It Was So Hard To Drop My Son Off At College

Amy Lord | Posted 11.21.2013 | Fifty
Amy Lord

We, the parents of the college-bound, have earned our wings. We are proud and weepy, fearful and elated. We share feelings of trepidation and intense anxiety over rising tuition rates and meal plans.

John Celock

GOP Official Explains Brainless Democrat Comment | John Celock | Posted 09.17.2013 | Politics

Kansas' Republican secretary of state is explaining comments he made at a regional Republican event over the weekend where he suggested that young Dem...

It's Too Expensive to Go to College Anymore

Marc Joseph | Posted 11.17.2013 | Impact
Marc Joseph

America is the land of dreams and opportunity. Anyone who is passionate enough to want a college education should be afforded the opportunity to at least try.

Where Education Became the Passion: My Mother's House

Write for the Future | Posted 11.16.2013 | College
Write for the Future

by Amanda Honeywell Whenever I first mention "My Mother's House" to friends, they immediately ask: Why do you call your own house, "my mother's ho...

The Danger of 'Efficiency': Don't Shut Out First-Generation College Students

Cynthia Huggins | Posted 11.16.2013 | College
Cynthia Huggins

As is often the case with first-generation college students, my family lived paycheck-to-paycheck and had never been able to save any money to help put me or my siblings through college.

The Sum of All Salaries

Patricia McGuire | Posted 11.16.2013 | College
Patricia McGuire

When did we lose our high hopes for personal transformation in higher learning? What cynic convinced us that the idealism of a life spent working in the public interest is worth much less than a life spent making money in furtherance of corporate interests?

The 10 Criteria US News & World Report Should Actually Use to Rank Schools

Danny Rubin | Posted 11.13.2013 | College
Danny Rubin

After we graduate, what truly matters is how well the school prepared us for the real world. Did we leave campus mentally, physically and financially ready for what's to come? Did our schools help us become successful young professionals?

WATCH: Are You Falling Into Those Freshman 15 Traps?

Posted 09.12.2013 | College

Beware the dreaded Freshman 15. Freedom from parents' watchful eyes and close proximity to food options that are cheap, fast and unhealthy raise t...

Are Colleges to Blame?

Marcia Y. Cantarella, Ph.D | Posted 11.11.2013 | College
Marcia Y. Cantarella, Ph.D

Employers are not happy with their new hires among young people. The issues range from the inability to communicate well, manage multiple priorities and problem-solve to being self-serving and seeking salaries above what they are worth.

The Clash Between Our Values and What We Value

Tim Elmore | Posted 11.10.2013 | Parents
Tim Elmore

We have an illustration of a bigger issue we must understand if we're going to lead students well today. They value authenticity -- being real and honest. This is a "core value" of Generation iY.

The English Language Used To Sound Like This

The Huffington Post | Andy McDonald | Posted 09.09.2013 | Books

As English continues to become the global go-to language, it's easy to forget that it was drastically different even just a few hundred years ago. The...

Two Dads and One Ideal

Write for the Future | Posted 11.06.2013 | College
Write for the Future

By Evan Mabry I see my biological father leaving my apartment and my stepfather moving in on the same night. I don't really think my mom would allo...

Back to School: Skin Care Basics

Indie Lee | Posted 11.06.2013 | Style
Indie Lee

The stress of new beginnings and putting your best foot (and face) forward can cause breakouts. School is in session and today our lesson plan is what you can do to lower your chances of that first day breakout.

Students Are Starting The Job Hunt Earlier Than Ever

Posted 09.09.2013 | College

A tough economy and continually dwindling job prospects -- especially in creative fields -- means many college students are developing a laser-like fo...

Never Throw a Frozen Turkey Out a Car Window, and Other Essential Tips for My College-Bound Daughter

Linda Flanagan | Posted 11.05.2013 | Fifty
Linda Flanagan

In the end, so much of what we tell our kids takes on the character of elevator musak or a swarm of mosquitoes: annoying background noise that has to be ignored or squashed to make life tolerable.

College Is Not Merely About A Career

William Nelligan | Posted 11.03.2013 | College
William Nelligan

We shouldn't concern ourselves exclusively with the destination printed on our ticket; instead, we must focus our attention on the journey it permits us to take.

The President Will See You Now -- Or Anytime, Really

Cynthia Huggins | Posted 11.03.2013 | College
Cynthia Huggins

Life on a very small campus, I've often said, is akin to living in Mayberry. If I don't show up for a home soccer game or I go an entire week without eating dinner in Kilburn Commons, students notice -- as they should.

16 Awesome Pieces Of Advice For College Freshmen

The Huffington Post | Debra Lipson | Posted 09.01.2013 | Celebrity

Summer is winding down and you know what that means -- it's back to school time. Hundreds of anxious students will leave their nests and begin the...

As the Spirit Moves Me

Jay Halfond | Posted 10.30.2013 | College
Jay Halfond

This is the first time in more than a half century when I am not planning a return to school after Labor Day. I don't need to get a new lunch box, wardrobe, or haircut, or face the annual apprehension about the challenges that lie ahead.

Lessons in Trying to Sail the Ship of Life

Write for the Future | Posted 10.29.2013 | College
Write for the Future

By Jamie Woodard I knew I could own the Mediterranean with my Pacific Seacraft 37. I jumped aboard ready to sail the endless plain of blue sea and ...

Making the Dream a Reality: The Education Community's Next Chapter

Michelle Asha Cooper, Ph.D. | Posted 10.28.2013 | College
Michelle Asha Cooper, Ph.D.

Today's inequities in access to quality jobs, education, health care, housing, and voting bear much resemblance to those of 50 years ago, and nowhere are these persistent inequities more evident than our nation's schools and colleges.