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Elizabeth Gilbert

5 Things I Learned From Oprah's Life You Want Weekend, Part 1

Kristin Meekhof | Posted 09.16.2014 | Healthy Living
Kristin Meekhof

Oprah Winfrey is on tour with her own version of a rockstar band that includes influential people she calls trailblazers. These trailblazers are: D...

Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Really Weird' Advice About Following Your Passion

OWN | Posted 09.10.2014 | OWN

When Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert embarked on her famous journey across Italy, India and Indonesia, she had been feeling lost. Her marriag...

The Anatomy of Big Success

Linda Ford | Posted 08.19.2014 | Healthy Living
Linda Ford

But if you are in pain -- if you are stuck in the trenches of a life that feels all wrong for you -- then know that your suffering could actually be the very ticket that will catapult you into a life you could only dream about.

Elizabeth Gilbert On The First Step To Long-Lasting Happiness

Posted 08.19.2014 | OWN

By Elizabeth Gilbert One morning in 1993, I walked into the offices of a famous magazine in New York City and asked for a job as a writer. I ...

The Kind Of Woman Author Elizabeth Gilbert Celebrates In Her New Novel

The Huffington Post | Nina Bahadur | Posted 06.24.2014 | Women

"I wanted to write a story with a strong female heroine, whose life is neither rescued nor ruined by a man." In a June 24 interview with HuffPost L...

The Perils and Pitfalls of Being a Prodigious Writer

Edie Weinstein | Posted 07.27.2014 | Healthy Living
Edie Weinstein

Everything is a writing prompt; each moment ripe with possibility that it could be turned into an article or book chapter. I never get the dreaded writers block, but instead, writers runs that flow unabated.

Don't Be a Book Snob

Michelle Chahine | Posted 07.20.2014 | Books
Michelle Chahine

Yes we need books that tackle more difficult aspects of life in a thought-provoking manner. But we also need books to make us laugh, enjoy the beauty in the world, reflect on what we are doing with our days, and try to be happier.

Superstar Author Events -- Discoverability on Steroids

Brooke Warner | Posted 06.30.2014 | Books
Brooke Warner

So here's something exciting in the world of publishing. Oprah is launching a fall tour -- The Life You Want Weekend Tour! -- that features a roster o...

What Are You Reading? (And Do I Really Care?)

Kathryn E. Livingston | Posted 05.11.2014 | Fifty
Kathryn E. Livingston

How can one person love a book (or film) and the next detest it? A book may also resonate at one time but not at another. What did I see in Catcher in the Rye when I was 16? Not much. But at 40, I thought it was delightful.

The Publishing Process: The Dumbest Thing I Ever Heard... Is True

Samara O'Shea | Posted 03.19.2014 | Books
Samara O'Shea

In early 2010 I attended an event called "Eat, Love, Write." It was a fundraiser featuring bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert and her sister Catheri...

The Words of a Creative Genius

Alex Schattner | Posted 03.15.2014 | Arts
Alex Schattner

I like to help Alex out sometimes -- whisper sweet somethings into his ear. He needs me to puff up his creativity, and balance his sanity. We can't have him going off the deep end, can we?

The Signature of All Things Superhero

Bridget Fonger | Posted 03.01.2014 | Healthy Living
Bridget Fonger

I had no idea this book would inspire me to be a better person. Nor did I know it would take me on such a superhero adventure. And I didn't know I needed it to dip me back into a profound life-changing memory, but I did.

Elizabeth Gilbert On Writing The Novel Of A Lifetime

Posted 11.08.2013 | OWN

She made her name with a memoir that captivated the world and cemented her place in literary history. Then she wrote another -- and drifted even fur...

Fear, Failure and Being a Real Man

Gerit Quealy | Posted 01.23.2014 | Impact
Gerit Quealy

Jimmie Briggs stepped forward into the light yesterday, and brought all the souls in that room with him. We learned what is it to be a real man. What it is to be women. What it is to lead, to collaborate, to support.

99 Lessons Reluctantly Learned from a Guru Master

Karen Brody | Posted 01.23.2014 | Healthy Living
Karen Brody

Finally, I made it to the ashram. Ever since reading Eat, Pray, Love and being jealous of Elizabeth Gilbert's journey, I dreamed of jumping out of my life for a while and hanging out in India with super spiritual people and a guru who would fill me up with tranquility.

The Words Elizabeth Gilbert Lives By

The Huffington Post | Maddie Crum | Posted 06.24.2014 | Books

Brief Interviews is a new series in which writers discuss language, literature, and a handful of Proustian personality questions. Elizabeth Gilbert...

Look Who's Opening The Miami Book Fair International

Vanessa Martin | Posted 09.18.2013 | Miami

Earlier this year, Amazon ranked Miami as the third most well-read city in America. It's no wonder then our fair city is home to the Miami Book Fair I...

Elizabeth Gilbert: 'I've Always Thought Of My Writing As A Spiritual Practice'

Posted 08.11.2013 | Healthy Living

Elizabeth Gilbert gets raw and real to talk inspiration, individuality and creativity. The following is an excerpt from ORIGIN Magazine. Interview...

The Real Bali

Carolyn O'Donnell | Posted 09.10.2013 | Travel
Carolyn O'Donnell

In day-to-day tourism-free Bali, life is a relatively relaxed mosaic of extended family, food and placating the island's many deities with ceremonies and the endless small offerings or banten that Hinduism Balinese-style demands.

Bookish's Dirty Little Secret

Peter Winkler | Posted 04.22.2013 | Books
Peter Winkler

For all their hoopla and the effort that went into its development, Bookish is nothing more than a promotional vehicle for books produced by the three publishers funding the site, with an underpowered book recommendation gadget that's not ready for prime time.

What Girls Can Learn From Olympic Grrrrrrrrrrrl Power

Barbara & Shannon Kelley | Posted 10.03.2012 | Women
Barbara & Shannon Kelley

The Olympic Games are a good metaphor for a lot of what we call "real life."

Why Divorce Without Kids Isn't Always Easier

Vicki Larson | Posted 09.09.2012 | Divorce
Vicki Larson

It seems like having a discussion about kids -- do we want them? when do we want them? how many do we want? -- would be a no-brainer for a couple before saying their "I dos."

Why Single Moms Aren’t 'Heroes'

Vicki Larson | Posted 07.08.2012 | Divorce
Vicki Larson

As we slide into Mother's Day, it's clear that we're somewhat murky on what we're celebrating. Somehow, we moms are revered and problematic at the same time, and some are more problematic than others.

At Home on the Range With Elizabeth Gilbert

Nicki Richesin | Posted 06.26.2012 | San Francisco
Nicki Richesin

Elizabeth Gilbert never knew her great-grandmother. While unpacking boxes of old books, she rediscovered her cookbook At Home on the Range first published in 1947 and met her for the first time through her witty and warm writing.

Why Men Should Take A Lesson From Women On Cheating

Vicki Larson | Posted 06.21.2012 | Home
Vicki Larson

Please don't keep thinking that women cheat just for romance and love, or because we're not getting fulfilled at home; we also cheat for the thrill of it, the passion and the novelty, and because we can -- just like men.