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In Loving Memory

Daliah Merzaban | Posted 09.17.2012 | Religion
Daliah Merzaban

We often shirk at reminders of death in our daily lives. We race through life as though we are racing down this trail and while we may see the benches, we rush past them, ignoring what is written on the plaques.

I Believe: An Atheist's "World View"

Edward Falzon | Posted 09.16.2012 | Politics
Edward Falzon

It's not anyone's fault but your own if scientific conclusions are at odds with your unexamined faith. The most troubling reality about these beliefs is how many are in the bible. None of them are.

Why I'm Thankful For 'Broken' American Politics

Andrea Palpant Dilley | Posted 09.16.2012 | Religion
Andrea Palpant Dilley

Although my daughter will miss out on the cross-cultural experience I had growing up in East Africa, mostly I'm grateful that she'll be spared the political instability that most children around the world take as commonplace.

The Secret To Science's Success

Robert Fuller | Posted 09.15.2012 | Religion
Robert Fuller

Modeling has made humans what we are and our success as a species depends on learning to use them wisely.

Are You Willing To Pay More For Goods To Keep Kids Out Of Factories?

Diana Mao | Posted 09.14.2012 | Impact
Diana Mao

I have often wondered about the scalability of fair trade. It all boils down to how much the consumer is willing sacrifice and pay. Are consumers wi...

Take This Job And Love It: Faith And Happiness In The Workplace

David Briggs | Posted 09.11.2012 | Religion
David Briggs

After deciding whether and whom to marry, the choice of a job or career is the next major life decision most likely to be influenced by faith, according to a new study.

Have We Lost Faith In Humanity?

Intent | Posted 09.10.2012 | Healthy Living

Our cynicism has conditioned us to always see the negative in people. But we should really give each other another chance. We should stop thinking of the glass as half empty and try to find the positive in others.

Get Used to Uncertainty

Marcia Wieder | Posted 09.09.2012 | Healthy Living
Marcia Wieder

Uncertainty provides an opportunity to stop, check in and make powerful choices to clear away what's no longer true, so you have more time and space for new dreams and goals that are aligned with who you are now.

Patrilineal 'Dissent': Solving The Jewish Status Problem

Rabbi Jason Miller | Posted 09.09.2012 | Religion
Rabbi Jason Miller

The leaders of the American Jewish community should begin collaborating on such a partnership agreement. Only if we are on the same page on the matter of Jewish status will we be able to seek harmony among the disparate denominations of liberal Judaism.

Whatever Happened To 'Peace On Earth, Goodwill Toward Men'?

Robert Fuller | Posted 09.08.2012 | Religion
Robert Fuller

Sometimes, when you can't get from A to B, it's for lack of a steppingstone. In that spirit, it seemed possible to me that for religion to realize its vision of peace on Earth, it may first need to make peace with science.

Learning The Art Of Surrender

Anne Naylor | Posted 09.05.2012 | Healthy Living
Anne Naylor

I know the beauty of surrender -- the surrender of releasing my concerns upwards and of surrendering up to the greatest good and guidance available for me. It looks like relaxing and being patient, not being inactive but following inspired action.

Pray For Authority

Pamela H. Long | Posted 09.04.2012 | Religion
Pamela H. Long

I'm looking at our leaders in a more nuanced fashion than I did before. I used to think of political leaders as either hounds of the left or badgers of the right, and now I see that there is much error in such thinking.

Deceit Forfeits Divine Aid: How Simply Telling the Truth Can Improve Your Business

Nick Segal | Posted 09.04.2012 | Los Angeles
Nick Segal

Anyone who wishes to be successful is looking for an advantage, a leg up on the competition to get ahead and win. Yet, one of the least called upon ways to gain leverage is by accessing that time-tested intangible called God or Spirit.

The Hero's Journey: Follow Your Bliss and Doors Will Open

Dennis Merritt Jones | Posted 09.04.2012 | Healthy Living
Dennis Merritt Jones

In the 70s, when I first heard the phrase "follow your bliss," popularized by mythologist Joseph Campbell, it immediately hooked my attention.

WATCH: Getting Your Faith Back, From Deepak Chopra

Posted 08.22.2013 | MarloThomas

Deepak Chopra, expert in the field of mind-body medicine, sat down with me and we chatted about faith and how to stay in touch with God. A lot of peop...

Career Seekers: Be Faithful, Success Will Follow

Noel Irwin Hentschel | Posted 09.03.2012 | Impact
Noel Irwin Hentschel

Every time we undertake the patriotic gesture of hand over heart calling out our pledge, it reminds us we are all called to be faithful first. Success will follow.

Two Notions Of Truth: My Sunday School Vs. My Public School

Robert Fuller | Posted 08.31.2012 | Religion
Robert Fuller

The truth is not necessarily what some authority says it is, but rather what can be proven. But, if so, where did that leave the truths taught in my Sunday School?

Top 10 Things I Learned From The Wild Goose

Cathleen Falsani | Posted 09.01.2012 | Religion
Cathleen Falsani

If I had any doubts about the future of social activism in an so-called age of disenchantment, they were banished by the time the festival drew to a close Sunday night.

Pride and Persecution: LGBT Global Love

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson | Posted 08.28.2012 | Gay Voices
Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson

I write about the hatred of LGBT people in Eastern Europe by religious and governmental authorities. I write about Jamaica where hating gays is a popular topic for music lyrics and where murders are escalating. Pride and persecution are both real. We rejoice in the good and confront the evil.

How Do Change And Loss Help Us Grow Spiritually?

KidSpirit | Posted 08.27.2012 | Religion

We go through changes every day, whether they are minor or major. We do not necessarily have to be optimists to see the good in every situation, nor pessimists to feel betrayed and lose hope.

Forgiveness And Bearing Witness

Catherine Meeks, Ph.D. | Posted 08.27.2012 | Religion
Catherine Meeks, Ph.D.

While many in our religious communities are quick to make proclamations about forgiveness, they often find it to be too difficult to live out in daily life.

Taking Jesus Seriously: Mark 5:21-43

Rev. Dr. Lewis Galloway | Posted 08.27.2012 | Religion
Rev. Dr. Lewis Galloway

It is a tale within a tale. It begins with a desperate father, a leader of the synagogue, pleading with Jesus to come heal his critically ill daughter. It is no laughing matter.

When God Talks, People Listen ... And Trouble Follows

Clay Farris Naff | Posted 08.26.2012 | Religion
Clay Farris Naff

From the pages of the Old Testament to the testimony of Boyce Singleton in his murder trial, nothing can be clearer than this: having God in your head is the perfect way to short-circuit reason and conscience.

Religion And Science: A Beautiful Friendship

Robert Fuller | Posted 08.26.2012 | Religion
Robert Fuller

I realize that this terrain is full of landmines. In the hope of defusing a few, let me acknowledge at the outset that the word religion means different things to different people.

Love vs Sheriff Arpaio's Tent City

Rev. G. Jude Geiger | Posted 08.24.2012 | Religion
Rev. G. Jude Geiger

Locking human beings in oppressive heat, whose only crime was seeking a better life for their children, is as far from standing with 'the least of these' than I can imagine