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Fathers and Sons

Hope for Future Fathers of Gay Sons

Jon Derek Croteau, Ed.D. | Posted 04.14.2014 | Gay Voices
Jon Derek Croteau, Ed.D.

When I read in February about the harsh reaction college football star Michael Sam's father had to his son's coming out, I was reminded of the difficu...

Familial Four

Doug Bradley | Posted 04.10.2014 | Sports
Doug Bradley

When the University of Wisconsin won its first and only NCAA basketball championship, the U.S. had yet to enter World War II, my parents were early in their courting phase, and only eight collegiate teams competed for the title.

Sorry, Son, But It's Not Me, It's You!

Mike Julianelle | Posted 03.28.2014 | Parents
Mike Julianelle

Several months into the carnival of horrors that is my son's threenage wasteland, I'm done taking the blame for his crappy behavior.

A Letter To My Son About The Only Good Reason To Get Married

Kelly M. Flanagan | Posted 03.12.2014 | Parents
Kelly M. Flanagan

Marriages become beautiful when two people embrace the only good reason to get married: to practice the daily sacrifice of their egos.

The Profound Parenting Lesson I Learned From A Very Bad Day

Josh Misner, Ph.D. | Posted 03.07.2014 | Parents
Josh Misner, Ph.D.

My son's words were my own. His feelings were a manifestation of what he had silently observed and internalized his father doing only five days earlier. I hadn't realized that he soaked in that much of the fight, but here were my words, returned to haunt me.

Of Fathers and Father Figures: Supporting or Undermining Gay Men's Health

John-Manuel Andriote | Posted 03.06.2014 | Gay Voices
John-Manuel Andriote

Gay men's relationships with our fathers are often fraught, to say the least. But without a father's loving support and kicks-in-the-butt as needed, research suggests that the odds already stacked against us in enjoying good mental health and staying HIV-negative grow even steeper.

4 Ways Having a Son Has Helped Me to Better Understand My Husband

Melissa Chapman | Posted 02.19.2014 | Parents
Melissa Chapman

Boys, like men, CANNOT multitask. If I ask my son a question while he is doing ANYTHING -- watching TV, brushing his teeth, staring into space -- he will likely ignore me (as will my husband). Scratch that. He won't ignore me, he just won't hear me.

One Apology I Will Never, Ever Regret

Josh Misner, Ph.D. | Posted 04.13.2014 | Parents
Josh Misner, Ph.D.

Thanks to snow, a delayed flight, and the selfishness of others, I had the chance to make things right, to set in motion a lifetime of redemption for my children.

The Detail In This Photo That Stunned Me To My Core

Josh Misner, Ph.D. | Posted 03.30.2014 | Parents
Josh Misner, Ph.D.

Through my presence, I can become someone my son can believe in. Perhaps then, I can learn to believe in myself.

My Son, the Rocket Scientist

Les Trent | Posted 03.19.2014 | Black Voices
Les Trent

I have the fears of any parent, most especially, of course, of war. But being a child of a career Army man who served in Vietnam, I have other concerns.

A Rabbinic Take on 'The Place Beyond the Pines'

Rabbi Herb Cohen | Posted 03.04.2014 | Religion
Rabbi Herb Cohen

Fatherhood is at the core of the generational drama The Place Beyond the Pines. There is a Talmudic notion that the acts of the fathers are a signpost for the children, implying that sons often retrace incidents from their parents' lives in their own lives. My father was not an educated man, but he was a wise man to whom I owe a great deal.

Dad's Letters Become A Beautiful Yet Heartbreaking Holiday Gift

The Huffington Post | Mandy Velez | Posted 01.25.2014 | Parents

Some of the best gifts this holiday season won't be wrapped with a bow. Erich, who goes by pentathlone on Reddit lost his dad to cancer on Thanksg...

Sins of the Father: 'Truth Like the Sun' Reviewed

Sunny Bjerk | Posted 01.23.2014 | Books
Sunny Bjerk

Ultimately, this novel's strength resides in its depictions of characters whose ethics and motivations occupy a liminal, grey space between good and bad, moral and immoral.

Listening to the Little Man Inside, Healing Our Hearts

John McElhenney | Posted 01.23.2014 | Parents
John McElhenney

I am not the healer. But I can see the need for that masculine energy in their lives. Even in my own son's life. I see that he misses me.

Being My Own Man: Discovering What I Learned From My Dad

Michael Rohrer | Posted 01.23.2014 | Gay Voices
Michael Rohrer

My dad is a good man. He's strong. He's a provider. He's a fixer of broken things, a disciplinarian, a caretaker. I respect him, and I am thankful for him, but I have always felt like I would never be the man he is. Note to self: Change your way of thinking.

How to Talk to Your Sons About Robin Thicke

Eric Clapp | Posted 11.03.2013 | Parents
Eric Clapp

re we really going to have another one-sided conversation where we only talk to the girls about their sexuality while we completely ignore the boys in the room? Are we not going to discuss their standards of behavior?

Dad's 'First Day of School' Curtain Call

Jim Higley | Posted 10.22.2013 | Parents
Jim Higley

The little caboose, the baby of the family, the one who I somehow thought would never grow up, is off to high school.

Abraham Lincoln, Dad: 6 Lessons in Parenting From the 16th President

Salvador Litvak | Posted 09.28.2013 | Parents
Salvador Litvak

Even those who criticized Lincoln as a politician -- and there were many -- would agree that he was a great dad.

WATCH: 8 Simple Things Good Dads Do

OWN | Posted 07.19.2013 | OWN

Oprah calls it an epidemic in this country that so many boys can be called "fatherless sons." Yet, whether a father had been physically absent for par...

For Dad

Tony Hawk | Posted 08.14.2013 | Parents
Tony Hawk

My dad (Frank Hawk) died of lung cancer in 1995. He was my biggest fan. He supported me when I chose skateboarding over all other sports.

My Advice to My Graduating Son: I Hope You Fail

David Geller | Posted 07.06.2013 | Parents
David Geller

Failure is a very powerful force. It's in experiencing failure that we all learn, and if we are resilient and recognize the role failure has in our lives, we ultimately become the person we are meant to be, doing what we are meant to do. Failure is the path to wisdom.

What Parents Of Little Kids Need To Admit To Themselves

Steve Wiens | Posted 09.06.2013 | Parents
Steve Wiens

There are many moments when I have no idea how I'm going to make it until their bedtime. The constant demands, the needs and the fighting are fingernails across the chalkboard every single day.

Why the Blogger Scared of Raising Twins Has It Wrong

David Vienna | Posted 07.02.2013 | Parents
David Vienna

Right now, you're worried about you. It's not about you, it hasn't been since your first kid was born. Stop thinking about how raising twins will suck and start thinking about which superhero you want to be when the three of you storm Lex Luthor's fortress in the backyard.

They Grow Up So Fast! And That's Fine With Me

Mike Julianelle | Posted 06.22.2013 | Parents
Mike Julianelle

Parenthood just keeps getting harder and harder and I'm not sure how prepared I am for the James Dean portion of the gig. I have no doubt in my mind that when he's 16, I'll be dying for the days of Thomas the Tank Engine and his insipid brethren.

How I Finally Accepted My Son's Affection For Pink

good men project | Posted 03.19.2013 | Parents

Written by Kyle Wiley for The Good Men Project I’ve always considered myself a pretty progressive dad, riding the wave of modernity in the 21st ...