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Federal Government

Becoming Intentional About College Retention

Dr. Brian C. Mitchell | Posted 07.28.2014 | College
Dr. Brian C. Mitchell

Retention means something quite different depending upon the institution. At elite colleges, for example, retention rates below 85 percent in four years are a cause of concern.

Leading the Peace Corps

Tom Fox | Posted 07.25.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Carrie Hessler-Radelet was recently confirmed as director of the Peace Corps, after serving as the agency's acting director and deputy director. She w...

Leadership Books for the Beach

Tom Fox | Posted 07.28.2014 | Business
Tom Fox

With summer vacation season in full swing, many of you are probably on the lookout for good beach reads. While you may be tempted to search out fictio...

Pimping Diversity

John Fitzgerald Gates, Ph.D. | Posted 07.24.2014 | Business
John Fitzgerald Gates, Ph.D.

We have all bought into a social construct that permits us to feel good about perpetrating a fraud. Corporations, universities, government agencies, minorities and "good white folks" alike -- we are all complicit in pimping diversity.

Deep in the Tell-Tale Heart of the Texas GOP

Michael Winship | Posted 07.24.2014 | Politics
Michael Winship

No, this is not some Game of Thrones spinoff. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the official 2014 platform of the Republican Party of Texas, 40 pages of unrestrained, right-wing bluster.

7 Key Ways to Increase Your Small Business Chances of Winning Government Contracts

Helen Callier | Posted 07.18.2014 | Small Business
Helen Callier

As your small business starts swimming in the Federal market while continuing to grow on the local and state levels, know that there are key strategies required for success in winning contracts.

Trying to improve morale in government

Tom Fox | Posted 07.18.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Reginald Wells is the deputy commissioner of the Social Security Administration's (SSA) Office of Human Resources and also serves as the agency's chie...

Small Management Tweaks With a Big Payoff

Tom Fox | Posted 07.18.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Federal leaders can have a major influence on employee satisfaction, but it can sometimes be hard for them to figure out where to start. They know it'...

Navigating Federal Grants, Training, and Resources

Kiran Ahuja | Posted 07.01.2014 | Impact
Kiran Ahuja

Ed. note: A version of this blog was originally posted on the White House Blog. The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders...

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Tom Fox | Posted 06.17.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

No one in a leadership position wants to hear bad news, that programs or polices are not working as expected, or that irregularities and deceptive pra...

How Philanthropy Is Changing the Culture on Full Cost Funding

Valerie S. Lies | Posted 06.13.2014 | Impact
Valerie S. Lies

Breaking the nonprofit starvation cycle is not easy, but exciting progress keeps happening. To keep that momentum going, a great deal of culture change is needed.

Hillary's Right On This One

Suzan Johnson Cook | Posted 06.11.2014 | Politics
Suzan Johnson Cook

Why don't they just stop? Hillary's absolutely right on this one. As a former senior-level appointee in the White House, under two presidents and three cabinet secretaries, I came out last October, 2013.

The litany of woes for government HR

Tom Fox | Posted 06.09.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

The federal HR community faces a litany of woes: limits placed on new hiring, inflexible hiring procedures that often discourage or rule out high-qual...

The VA Scandal Flags Much Bigger Problems in Civil Service

Max Stier | Posted 06.05.2014 | Politics
Max Stier

Congress has both an opportunity and an imperative to plan for the future federal workforce, but to do it properly, it must revamp the system that supports it.

Loyalty and Responsibility

William B. Bradshaw | Posted 05.31.2014 | Politics
William B. Bradshaw

We hear so much these day about banks and companies that have become so large they are unable to manage themselves -- that there are so many layers of bureaucracy that illegal and unethical behavior can go undetected for years.

Overseeing America's Community Service

Tom Fox | Posted 07.30.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Wendy Spencer is the CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency that administers AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, Social I...

Charity Isn't. It's Social Control

Brian Ross | Posted 07.24.2014 | Politics
Brian Ross

One of America's great debates spins like a top around one question: Who is able to take care of the least amongst us best -- government or the private sector?

What Astronauts Know About Leadership

Tom Fox | Posted 07.23.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Ellen Ochoa is a former astronaut and the first Hispanic woman to go into space when she served on a nine-day mission aboard the shuttle Discovery in ...

Let's Accept That Government Has Changed

Tom Fox | Posted 07.23.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

After speaking with leaders across the federal government in recent weeks, I've come to an unlikely conclusion: Leaders are adjusting to the new budget reality and making progress.

The Problem With the Republican Party Today

Chris Williams | Posted 07.20.2014 | Politics
Chris Williams

As much as it pains me to make this statement, it hurts more knowing that the Republican Party is destroying America through its histrionics and prede...

OPM Director Katherine Archuleta on Strengthening the Federal Workforce

Tom Fox | Posted 07.16.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Katherine Archuleta is the director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the federal government's human resources agency. Archuleta has h...

Listen to Your Creative Federal Employees

Tom Fox | Posted 07.13.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

With budgets on the decline but expectations of government remaining appropriately high, every federal leader and front-line employee needs to find ne...

The Death of Local Politics

William E. White | Posted 07.12.2014 | Politics
William E. White

If you look closely, there is evidence that local politics can still be critically important. The real advances made, for example, in a host of issues.

How to Be Positive and Realistic, at the Same Time

Tom Fox | Posted 06.30.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Kathy Cramer is a psychologist and leadership consultant who specializes in helping leaders and their teams make small shifts in thinking to produce l...

What to Do When Managers and Employees Aren't on the Same _age

Tom Fox | Posted 06.28.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Employees and managers frequently hold different views on the workplace, and that is to be expected. But it can be spell trouble if the gap between em...